MosquitoNix Insect Library

Welcome to the MosquitoNix® Insect Library!

At MosquitoNix, we’re committed to driving pests away from your home so you can fully enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces. And while mosquitos are our specialty, there are a number of other household insects we can eliminate with our effective and affordable MosquitoNix outdoor misting systems and fogging services. The following are some of the common pests we can eliminate using our “green” pest control methods.

  • Mosquitos: Mosquitos are attracted to standing water. Generally, they are most active from dusk til dawn. The females “bite” to feed on blood. These flying insects are especially annoying due to the fact that their bites leave itchy, red welts on the skin. Furthermore, mosquitos pose a potential health risk because they can spread diseases like West Nile virus, Zika and malaria. MosquitoNix provides powerful, effective solutions to keep mosquitos away using natural, biodegradable insect repellent that delivers powerful results. Specialized services are available for residential homes, commercial locations and special events. In addition, portable mosquito extermination solutions are available for camping, picnics, patios and smaller backyards.
  • No-see-ums: Also known as biting gnats and sand flies, no-see-ums are another particularly irritating pest. Similar to mosquitos, female no-see-ums cause painful bites when they feed on blood and can transmit disease, especially in warmer climates. Another issue with no-see-ums is that they are so tiny (hence the name) that they can often get into the house by fitting through screens on windows and doors. Moist soil and standing water attract these flying insects. Traditional insecticides and repellents often don’t work on no-see-ums, but MosquitoNix offers customized services to rid your home and yard of these pesky insects.
  • Flies: Flies are one of the most common household insects. There are more than 16,000 species of flies in North America alone, but some of the most common types include blow flies, bottle flies, fruit flies, house flies and gnats. Flies are attracted to food waste along with liquor and beer bottles. These insects have been known to carry a wide variety of pathogens. Keeping your home clean and garbage covered is an excellent way to deter flies; MosquitoNix can also deliver targeted solutions to get these bugs out of your home.
  • Blind mosquitos: Blind mosquitos usually appear in swarms of what appear to be mosquitos flying around near your head. Despite the name, however, blind mosquitos are actually a type of fly. They don’t “bite” to feed on blood or carry diseases, fortunately. However, they can be a real nuisance because they tend to travel in large groups, making the swarms a bit overwhelming at times. In addition, they can leave stains on the paint of your home or your car, and those with allergies may find that the condition is aggravated when blind mosquitos are around. MosquitoNix can help get rid of blind mosquitos around your home so you don’t have to deal with these pesky flying insects when they start to swarm.
  • Spiders: There are tens of thousands of spider species around the world. While some prefer moisture, others are attracted to dry areas. They generally capture other insects as their prey in their delicately strung webs. Spiders often enter homes through cracks and gaps in their search for prey. Some may also end up in the house after being inside a box or other item that was previously outdoors. Because it’s very difficult to figure out exactly how spiders got in the house, it can be tough to get rid of them on your own. MosquitoNix can help by providing a customized pest control solution to eliminate spiders from your home.
  • Ants: Ants are particularly clever when it comes to finding their way into your home or garage. They can get in through even the tiniest cracks. Typically, they are attracted to an area by water and food. Because they tend to nest out of sight, it’s very difficult to get rid of them. Ant colonies can grow to number in the hundreds of thousands, too, so it’s not a pest issue that you want to take lightly. As soon as you see ants in or around your home, take steps to keep them away by eliminating standing water or exposed food. Then, call MosquitoNix for a fast, effective and affordable solution for getting rid of ants.
  • Fire ants: This variety of ant usually makes it home in the ground along with a colony of up to 250,000 workers. Unlike other ants, which generally leave people alone, fire ants can be very active and aggressive. They’ll sting animals and humans repeatedly when they come into contact. A fire ant infestation is usually detected by either the painful stings or observing sandy mounds in the yard. MosquitoNix can perform an inspection to determine the source of the fire ants, then apply a treatment that eliminates and prevents infestations.

As soon as you notice one of these pests in your home, garage or yard, give MosquitoNix a call to receive a free consultation and estimate. All pest control services are performed by trained, insured and personable technicians to deliver temporary, permanent and portable insect control solutions for homeowners and business owners.