How to Deal with Flies

Flies are extremely common, and are known for being a 10 on the human annoyance meter. These warm weather insects can quickly ruin your outdoor picnic, or keep you busy swatting them away just about anywhere they swarm. Learn about flies and how to handle infestations with advice from the MosquitoNix® Library.

Two fly species you're likely to encounter at home are the common house fly and fruit flies. House flies are dark grey in color with red eyes, and typically breed in garbage cans and heaps of deteriorating compost. Feeding on anything decaying, they transfer rotting, filthy matter onto surfaces with their feet. Fruit flies, on the other hand, are small and tan in color. These flies are usually found near fruits and vegetables in a state of decay.

Both types of flies maintain life by feeding in unsanitary places, and they can spread disease and illness from decaying and filthy matter through their feet and tubal tongues. A handy flyswatter can dispatch a few at a time, but they're hard to catch. A well-placed electronic bug zapper is a bit more effective in certain areas. Bug spray is a short-term lethal fix, but fumes and residue may harm humans and pets. Sticky clear fly traps are effective on house flies, and liquid traps may work on fruit flies.

Prevention is your best bet for keeping flies at bay. Keeping rooms, porches and your property clear of scattered trash is essential. Drop discarded fruit and vegetable remnants into plastic zip bags before throwing them away. Make sure trash can bags and waste cans are tightly sealed, and remove garbage from the home regularly. Anti-fly mesh screens on windows and doors ensure flies are prevented from entering inside.

Regardless of your efforts to keep pesky flies away from your home, some fly swarms continue their assault on your sanity. MosquitoNix has various fly control solutions that help you deal with home and outdoor infestations. Our trained technicians can assess your fly problem and provide speedy service using effective and even eco-friendly formulations. We also offer completely portable fly control formulas and delivery systems that get rid of flies so you can enjoy outdoor activities wherever you go.