MosquitoNix® Fort Worth services Fort Worth and the surrounding towns including Arlington, Grand Prairie, Richland Hills, Saginaw and Westlake, Texas. MosquitoNix was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2003 and we are the leaders in outdoor mosquito control Fort Worth, TX. With a highly trained and fully-licensed team, we specialize in the evaluation, installation and continued maintenance of our custom MosquitoNix mosquito control misting systems, which are built right here in Texas in our Dallas, warehouse. This state-of-the-art mosquito control system is a permanent solution for mosquitoes, no-see-ums, ticks and other biting insects because it provides continuous application of our proven mosquito-eliminating products.

MosquitoNix's revolutionary natural outdoor insect control remedy is sourced from clean organic materials that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This safe, mild, and eco-conscious product enables you to safeguard your loved ones without any concerns. MosquitoNix provides misting systems and fogging treatments utilizing this cutting-edge solution. Reach out to your nearby representative now to discover more about this transformative product and arrange a complimentary estimate.

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MosquitoNix Fort Worth & Mid-Cities Services

Outdoor Insect Misting System

Enhance your home's protection and rid it of bothersome mosquitoes and other biting insects with an OUTDOOR MISTING SYSTEM This system includes strategically positioned nozzles and tubing, creating an almost invisible barrier. Programmed to activate three times daily, you can relax without having to manually trigger it. For added convenience, an iPhone or Android app is provided for remote control whenever you need extra protection.


QUICKNIX on-going FOGGING TREATMENTS to temporarily eliminate mosquitoes and other insects. This service is ideal for managing insects during events such as outdoor weddings and family gatherings. Our approach not only eliminates mosquitoes on contact but also reduces their breeding activity to maintain their population.


Quarterly PESTNIX PEST CONTROL services are available for residential and commercial areas to ensure the comfort and safety of employees and customers in and around local businesses throughout the year. Enhance your existing MosquitoNix service by incorporating pest control for a nominal monthly cost, which may reduce your current pest control expenses by half. Don't forget to consult with your MosquitoNix representative for more details.

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Mosquito Spray for Yard Fort Worth TX

If you don't want to commit to a built-in misting system, we also offer monthly and ongoing mosquito protection with barrier mosquito control fogging treatments and special event mosquito yard treatment Fort Worth, TX for outdoor occasions like weddings and parties. These treatments provide temporary relief and are ideal as a "quick fix" for insect problems when you're expecting guests for a backyard event. While these types of treatments won't offer the continuous, long-term protection of our misting systems, they will eliminate mosquitoes and create a comfortable outdoor environment for your special event. At MosquitoNix, we work with both commercial and residential customers to design individualized solutions that fit your needs. If you need pest control in your restaurant's outdoor dining area and are looking to go green, our MosquitoNix system is an eco-friendly solution for natural mosquito control.

Insect-Borne Illnesses

Eliminating mosquitoes around your property should be a priority. Not only are mosquitoes irritating, they can carry insect-born illnesses like the Zika Virus and West Nile Disease. By eliminating mosquitoes using a mosquito yard treatment, you can protect your family or guests while simultaneously helping to cut down on mosquito populations in your area to protect your entire community. When your MosquitoNix expert comes out for the initial consultation, they will also be looking for places where mosquitoes might breed on your property. These areas will be fixed or treated with as needed to stop mosquitoes from multiplying.

MosquitoNix doesn't just offer advanced products and great mosquito spray for yards. We pride ourselves on superior service and a commitment to providing a comfortable and protected place for your family and pets to play. If you're a business owner, we can keep your property insect-free for added comfort and safety for your guests and employees with our mosquito spray, Fort Worth solutions. Both our residential and commercial services are 100 percent guaranteed for peace of mind.

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