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MosquitoNix Customer Testimonials

“They have 5 stars for a reason”

"The MosquitoNix Jacksonville team is like no other!  They have 5 stars for a reason. Perfect service for something is so VERY needed to fully enjoy the Florida lifestyle :)"
- Jessica C. Jacksonville, Florida 

“Prompt and quick, polite and knowledgeable!”

"Thank you for being so prompt and quick to get to us! Our technician was very polite and knowledgeable!"
- Jennifer R. W. Fort Worth, Texas 

“We love MosquitoNix!”

"We love MosquitoNix! We have a backyard full of trees and plants. We couldn't enjoy our patio because of the over whelming mosquitos. Thanks to MosquitoNix we now able too!"
- Dayna M. Dallas, Texas

“Immediate drop in bites on my kids”

"We had a Mosquitonix system installed around our patio and pool area a couple of months ago.  There was an immediate drop in bites for my mosquito attracting kids! I enjoy being able to activate the system before they head out for swim time or play out back. I can hardly wait for the neighbors to add systems and chase the bugs off our street!!!"
- Mark C. Winter Park, Florida 

“Professional, courteous and on time”

"We are able to enjoy the outdoors again with our children because of MosquitoNix. We had a misting system installed 3 years ago and I can't imagine life without it now! MosquitoNix always provides top notch service and they are always professional, courteous and on time. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to eliminate mosquitos and other pests!"
- Elizabeth B. Highland Park, Texas 

“Excited to host outdoor parties”

"I'm so excited to be able to host outdoor parties and enjoy Florida without all the mosquitoes! Great service and great staff!"
- Megan G. Jacksonville, Florida

“Mosquitos? Not in our yard!”

“First off, you were a pleasure to work with. Both Sherrie and I enjoyed our interaction with you. The crews were professional and courteous, and did a great job on the installation. Finally, we are extremely pleased with the results. The system works as advertised. We have had the second wettest year on record, and the mosquitos have been out in full force. But not in our yard! Thanks, again.”
- J.J.H. Dallas, Texas

“Mosquito-free and enjoying our pool...”

“Due to the overwhelming abundance of mosquitos in Houston. we have never been able to completely enjoy our backyard pool area. We tried the propane tank system at first, but only ended up returning it to the manufacturer a month later. Needless to say, we were very skeptical of theMosquitoNix® system, but now we are completely mosquito-free and my family can enjoy our pool for the summer.”
- Joe T. Katy, Texas

“An immediate reduction in mosquitos...”

The installers arrived on time, and did a good job with the installation. They were willing to accommodate our special requests and last-minute changes. We could see an immediate reduction in our mosquito problem (from swarms to hardly any, in just the first day). We have come to appreciate the remote control feature, so we do extra treatments during the day to accommodate our schedule. The best benefit is that we can go into the yard, day or night, without lathering up with mosquito repellent. This is a special benefit for us, since we have a little dog that requires frequent yard breaks. And finally, since the installation, our system specialist has been very responsive to our needs. I recommend MosqutioNix® to my friends and neighbors.
- T. L. Houston, Texas
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