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Hilton Head Mosquito Control

If you live in Hilton Head S.C. or the surrounding area, you know that with the balmy, subtropical climate, controlling insects can be a challenge. MosquitoNix® (Hilton Head) provides expert mosquito control that extends to Bluffton, South Carolina., and Savannah, Georgia, as well. With our team of mosquito and pest control experts and our unparalleled customer service, we can rid your residence or commercial property of mosquitoes, ticks, flies and no-see-ums.[powr-form-builder id=d792a061_1473270744] For our Hilton Head mosquito control services, we use our own state-of-the-art mosquito control spraying system plus monthly and ongoing barrier fogging treatments to create a personalized plan to fit every property and situation. Don't let swarms of hungry insects ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. Choose the most effective mosquito control for the Low Country.

We offer comprehensive, highly effective solutions with the following services:

  • Custom Misting Systems - Our high-tech, state-of-the-art mosquito control misting system is designed and built in our warehouse, assembled and installed by our trained specialists. It eliminates mosquitoes and other insects from your outdoor environment.
  • Monthly and Ongoing Fogging Treatments - This highly effective 3-step fogging service includes a comprehensive inspection and evaluation by our certified technicians. We use fogging, granules and larvicide for complete protection.
  • Special Event Spraying - Ideal for outdoor weddings, parties and other special occasions, we combine a full inspection and rigorous fogging treatment for powerful temporary mosquito eradication.
  • All-Natural Mosquito Control - Although all of our services use biodegradable products, our MosquitoNix Green service goes one step further for completely eco-friendly mosquito control, using all-natural ingredients that are non-staining and safe around kids and pets.

Discover the MosquitoNix Difference!

  • Our own proprietary automatic misting systems - developed, built, installed and maintained by our industry experts
  • Reliable and honest customer service
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed

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