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What is the MosquitoNix Outdoor Mosquito Misting System?

The MosquitoNix® solution is a fully-automated misting system that kills and repels mosquitos, flies, spiders, gnats, fleas, ticks, roaches, wasps and other outdoor insects. The system is professionally installed around homes and businesses, and mists a natural botanical insecticide two to four times per day, at 20- to 45-second intervals before dawn and after dusk.

How does the misting system work?

The MosquitoNix® mosquito mist system or “mosquito machine” consists of a reservoir, a control unit and a pump that are stationed in a garage, shed or another designated outdoor area. A timer triggers the system to pump pyrethrum or other misting formulae through the installed line, which releases a fine mist through a series of nickel silver nozzles. The system is fully automated to mist just two to four times per day, at 20- to 45-second intervals. The mosquito mist system also includes a remote control that allows the user to mist between regularly timed intervals, as well as a battery back-up system that keeps the timer correct in the event of a power outage.

Are there any additional benefits to the MosquitoNix system?

In addition to controlling mosquitos as described, MosquitoNix® delivers the added benefit of repelling flies, wasps and other annoying insects. You always have the control via your MosquitoNix remote to treat your yard a few hours before you plan to enjoy the outdoors. For example, if you are having friends over at 7 p.m., it might be a good idea to have the system go off at 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to eliminate any remaining mosquitos by the time your guest arrive.

Who would benefit from the MosquitoNix system?

Any home or business owner concerned about the nuisance and/or danger of biting insects can benefit from the MosquitoNix® mosquito control system. Once installed around homes, pools and hot tubs, patios, decks, recreation areas, outdoor restaurants and entertainment facilities, farms and stables, the system controls the population of outdoor biting insects.

How much does the MosquitoNix Mosquito Spray system cost?

Because each application is unique, MosquitoNix® offers a Free Consultation. A MosquitoNix® professional will customize your system and thoroughly review the installation and operation of your system. MosquitoNix strives to ensure that our mosquito misting system cost is comparable to or lower than the competition. We like to think of permanent mosquito treatment costs as an investment — it can increase the value of your home and ensure that you get the most out of your backyard. 

Where can I install my MosquitoNix System?

The MosquitoNix® system is uniquely designed to be relatively nondescript, so it won’t take away from the distinctive landscape or style of your backyard. We typically install the system around the perimeter of your home, and we’re happy to work with you to place the misting nozzles in areas that don’t draw attention. For example, we can install them on fence posts or in trees for a low-key look that doesn’t deter from the natural feel of your backyard. Make sure to visit our photo gallery to see examples of how the MosquitoNix® looks installed.

What areas does MosquitoNix serve?

We have locations throughout the Southern United States, including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas and South Carolina. Visit our locations page for a complete list of service areas and to see if your metropolitan area if covered. Please note that not all services are available in every service location. To find out if the MosquitoNix® system can be installed in your home or business, give us a call today at 844-483-3213.

Can I install MosquitoNix at my business?

Absolutely! In fact, installing a MosquitoNix® system in your commercial landscape — whether it be a large-scale water park or a sprawling ranch — is a great way to create an enjoyable, relaxing environment for your guests. We can install the MosquitoNix® system at hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities, parks, schools, entertainment facilities, farms, stables and any other environment where you need highly effective, long-term pest control.

Is the MosquitoNix Misting System safe for my family and pets?

MosquitoNix misting systems utilize a revolutionary tested and proven 100% Non-Toxic solution that is designed to break down the cell structure of specific insects life cycle: mosquitos, flies, gnats/no-see-ums, fleas, ticks and spiders. The solution is safe, gentle and eco-friendly, so you can feel great using MosquitoNix around kids, pets, family and friends. 

Please note: Some MosquitoNix locations may utilize a natural, biodegradable insect repellant derived from the chrysanthemum flower. This powerful yet natural mosquito-killer is called pyrethrum. This active ingredient is commonly found in topical flea and tick shampoos helping protect man’s best friend.

Please ask your local representative for more information regarding the solution most commonly used in your service area.  

Is the new 100% non-toxic solution safe to use around honey bees? 

Yes. The new solution does not cause disease, harm or death to mammals, fish, livestock, birds, frogs, bees, lake shore amphibians, reptiles, shellfish or poultry. This game changing mosquito control solution is used in both our misting systems and fogging treatments. 

Please ask your local representative for more information regarding the solution most commonly used in your service area. 

Does MosquitoNix come with a warranty?

Yes. Each MosquitoNix Misting System is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers all parts and service. Additionally, our team will maintain and service your MosquitoNix system for the life of the product to ensure proper operation and performance. All MosquitoNix products and services are backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for added peace of mind.

Do you offer mosquito fogging services?

Certainly. We use a unique process called QuickNix™ to provide you with on-demand mosquito control. This treatment provides up to 72 hours of quality mosquito eradication and includes treatment to help prevent the future breeding of mosquitoes on your property. MosquitoNix mosquito fogging treatments are an excellent way to rid your residential or commercial space of pesky, disease-carrying insects before a party, wedding, concert, special event or festival.

Can MosquitoNix On-The-Go be used around pets or near people?

Use the [On-The-Go] Dispenser only when pests are present, and always place Dispenser out of reach of children or pets. Do not spray when people, pets, or food are near the dispenser. When the Spray Sequence is initiated (either via Remote Control or DUSK/DAWN® Sensor), the Indicator Light will blink increasingly faster for six seconds. The Nozzle will then spray the insecticide from the Dispenser for four seconds, and the Indicator Light will remain lit during this time. Rest assured that the insecticide is still working and spreading throughout your yard (even behind the Dispenser) up to 300 square feet even though you can’t see it. You may enter and enjoy the area after the spray sequence is complete.

What insecticide is used in the MosquitoNix On-The-Go product?

The Cylinder Refill Unit (CRU) provides the insecticide for your MosquitoNix® On the Go Dispenser. The insecticide contains pyrethrin, a botanical insecticide that kills mosquitos on contact. The CRU is designed to work exclusively with the MosquitoNix® On the Go Dispenser; no other insecticide containers will fit into the Spray Head of the MosquitoNix® On the Go Dispenser and work properly. For reference here is a copy of the Product Label and SDS Sheet


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