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West Nile Virus found in West Texas Update

The West Nile virus has become less of a threat in some parts of the country, but unfortunately, it remains a potential hazard for those in West Texas. With humid weather and occasional hurricanes create damp conditions where mosquitos thrive, the incidences of West Nile have spiked in recent months, particularly in August and September. According to the CDC, the number of West Nile virus cases in Texas in 2017 are numbered at 120 as of October 31. Compared to the number of cases reported in nearby states like Louisiana (43), Arkansas (14), Oklahoma (32) and New Mexico (27), it's clear to see why Texas residents are concerned.

A Texas Department of State Health Services map of affected counties for 2017 shows that West Texas has certainly been hit hard by West Nile, particularly in the panhandle. So, what can those in West Texas do to protect themselves? Learn more about the most recent information on the West Nile outbreak and how you can keep your family sale.

Latest News on West Nile in Texas

After the late summer spike in cases, many Texas residents have been curious to know whether West Nile virus is still a serious threat. Unfortunately, the virus continues to spread in many areas of the state despite cooler weather setting in. In Frisco, the city announced that it would be spraying for mosquitos after one mosquito pool tested positive for West Nile virus in early October. This marks the 18th pool testing positive for the virus in 2017.

Even some areas that had been spared previously are now are having to deal with the spread of West Nile. In the Westlake area of Austin, a mosquito tested positive for West Nile virus in early October, marking the first positive test for West Nile virus in Austin in 2017.

Protecting Against West Nile

With the information about the spread of West Nile across the state, including cities and towns where the virus has not previously been an issue, it's wise for all Texas residents to take steps to protect themselves and their families against this dangerous disease. Use the following tips to reduce your risk of contracting West Nile virus:

  • Drain any standing water near your property. These pools act as a breeding ground for mosquitos.
  • Dress in light-colored, long-sleeved clothes when you go outside.
  • Be aware that mosquitos are most active between dusk and dawn.

If you don't want to constantly have to worry about mosquitos and the threat of West Nile virus, we recommend using MosquitoNix® mosquito control services. It's the best way to ensure that your outdoor areas are free from mosquitos. While the steps above are great for reducing your risk, they still won't keep all mosquitos away. But as the leading expert in full-service mosquito control, MosquitoNix can keep mosquitos out of sight and out of mind all day and all night.

Our misting and fogging systems can be customized to your home or your business. Regular, ongoing treatment ensures that mosquitos stay away and won't breed on your property. We can also spray before a special outdoor event for added protection. For on-the-go spot protection, use our portable insecticide dispenser.

As West Nile virus continues to create potential hazards for Texas residents, do the smart thing by protecting your family with MosquitoNix. Get a free quote or contact us at 844-483-3213 to learn more today.

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Holiday Lighting - MosquitoNix Elves

If you dread the annual task of purchasing and installing holiday lights and décor, it's time to call the MosquitoNix® Elves. Our professional holiday light installation services are an affordable and simple solution to a seasonal source of stress for many homeowners. Rather than spending hours climbing up precarious ladders to hang lights, wreaths and other decorations, let the MosquitoNix Elves work their magic to get it all done in a quick and budget-friendly manner. Our goal is to help you have a stress-free holiday season, so let us do the work while you sit back and enjoy the lovely lights and décor adorning your home.

Our MosquitoNix Elves have experience with all kinds of holiday lighting and decorating challenges. We're happy to hang our lights where you'd like, whether it's along walkways, rooflines, windows and doorways or around shrubs, borders and greenery. Not sure where the lights should go? We'll come up with a stylish design just for your home. And if any issues should arise, just give us a call; the MosquitoNix Elves will fix problems and replace any bulbs that go out. When you're ready to wrap up the holiday season, we'll remove everything for you. When it comes to your holidays lights, you'll never have to lift a finger!

Choose from a huge selection of holiday lights and decorations when you work with the MosquitoNix Elves. From mini lights and LED lights to large wreaths and stylish garlands, we can't wait to make your home look festive and fun for the holidays. Everything is completed by our trained, experienced and courteous uniformed crews to ensure proper installation and safety on the job. Get a free estimate online, call us at 888-895-2899 or email us at to learn more about the how the MosquitoNix Elves can make this holiday season a little more magical.

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MosquitoNix Insect Library - Feature Portable Dispenser

As you've seen in our MosquitoNix® Insect Library, there are plenty of pests that can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoor spaces you love. Whether it's your back deck, a front porch or a cozy spot out in the yard, it helps to have a pest control solution you can count on when flying sects become an issue. At MosquitoNix, we're proud to offer a variety of misting and fogging solutions that can eliminate bugs from your yard or a special event site. These systems can be easily installed to provide the ongoing pest control that you need to be more comfortable in your outdoor spaces. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, these insect protection systems can be customized to meet your needs.

For those situations where you require something more versatile than our traditional misting or fogging systems, consider our MosquitoNix On-The-Go Dispenser. This is the portable solution for your outdoor mosquito control needs. Use it on your patio, gazebo, backyard, or at a camping ground to help deter against mosquitos, house flies, biting midges, and other flying insects. Learn more about what this portable dispenser has to offer.

Versatile Mosquito Protection

The main benefit of using the MosquitoNix On-The-Go Dispenser is that you'll be able to bring the quality and effectiveness of MosquitoNix pest control with you. One day, you might use it when you step on to your apartment patio or your home's front porch. The next day, you could bring it along for a camping trip, a hunting excursion or a picnic in the park. This dispenser can even be utilized by businesses with outdoor areas, like a sidewalk patio or gazebo at a popular café or restaurant.

Because it's compact and lightweight, transporting the MosquitoNix On-The-Go Dispenser couldn't be any easier. There are no messy sprays, tangled cords or unwieldy propane tanks to consider. The Cylinder Refill Unit is conveniently stored inside the dispenser, and effectively treats outdoor areas up to 300 sq ft against a variety of pesky insects, including mosquitos, flies and more.

Automatic and On-Demand Spray

When you use the MosquitoNix On-The-Go Dispenser, you'll find that the built-in DUSK/DAWN® sensor takes the guesswork out of pest control. This automated feature delivers a perfectly timed spray of insecticide when mosquitos and other insects are most active.

If you are looking for customized mosquito control, the dispenser offers three power settings for complete control. On-demand operation is incredibly convenient thanks to an included remote control. In fact, the remote control can be programmed to operate several dispensers at once, allowing you to create a complete barrier against flying insects. Just hit the button and you'll get the on-demand protection you need from a variety of pests.

Don't let bugs keep you from enjoying the outdoor activities you love. With the MosquitoNix On-The-Go Dispenser, you can take our effective pest control services with you wherever you go. From fun camping trips to warm nights out in your backyard, the MosquitoNix On-The-Go dispenser provides a botanical insecticide that kills mosquitos on contact. Defend against pests like mosquitos, flies, and gnats with the purchase of the MosquitoNix On-The-Go Dispenser today. To defend against other insects, visit our MosquitoNix® Insect Library and check out our other expert services at MosquitoNix.

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The Anatomy of the Mosquito

Mosquitoes are not the kind of flying insect you want sticking around just to gaze at its marvelousness. They aren't as cute as ladybugs, or intriguing like ants. Yet, they are very common, and understanding what makes a mosquito a mosquito provides insight into their behavior. Read on to find out some fun facts about mosquito anatomy.

Mosquitoes have three main body parts: head, thorax and abdomen.

Head and eyes. The head is where the insect's sensory activity happens. Mosquitoes have compound eyes, which are composed of numerous tiny lenses that give them a wide view of the world. It's like having a wide-angle camera lens attached to both sides of your head. Their eyes have weaker vision than single-lens eyes (simple eyes), but this vast collection of lenses pick up a lot of motion, helping them fly away quickly before you can swat them.

Head and proboscis. Female mosquitoes are able to take blood from you thanks to a long, needle-like tube called a proboscis. The proboscis contains six individual needles (covered by a protective sheath), and functions somewhat like an insect Swiss army knife. Two needles have sharp serrated edges for cutting into skin like a skilled surgeon, and two benign needles hold the others at bay during the operation. Next, she uses her probing needle to find choice blood vessels underneath the skin, and then uses the same needle to suck blood into her body. Lastly, there's a needle that injects you with saliva and blood-flow stimulating chemicals, causing you to have an itchy allergic reaction.

Thorax. This is the upper body of the mosquito where two wings and six delicate legs are attached. They use their large wings for seeking food and mates. Most spend their lives buzzing within a few hundred feet of their birthplace.

Abdomen. Mosquitoes have long, narrow abdomens for digesting fluids. If you ever have the pleasure of watching a mosquito bite in action, you'll see her translucent abdomen turn red as she feeds. To make room for as much blood as possible, they remove water from blood as they drink, squeezing it out the back of the abdomen in tiny droplets.

Do Mosquitoes Need Blood to Live?

Mosquitoes don't need blood to survive, and they get plenty of nourishment from honeydew and plant sugars. Only females drink blood, and they do it to stock up on protein so they can make eggs. During her lifespan, a female mosquito may create hundreds of eggs.

How They Find You

Mosquitoes are equipped with sophisticated sensors that can hone in on you without you realizing it. One of their superpowers is the ability to smell human breath, and because you must breathe, there's no way to stop them from detecting carbon dioxide with every exhale. Hiding is impossible because they use their mouth sensors to zoom in on your body heat. Mosquitoes have preferences, and the smell of your sweat determines whether you're a yes or no on their dinner menu.

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Infestations

Now that you know more about mosquitoes, it's time to consider what to do about them. Swarms of biting mosquitoes may be a nuisance and a health menace, but they're no match for our experienced MosquitoNix® team. Contact us today for information about our remote-control automatic misters, and our superior hands-on mosquito control services.
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Location Highlight: Birmingham

Birmingham and Huntsville are beautiful, thriving cities. Residents and businesses in these locations enjoy the bounty of warm weather for most of the year, but the heat also comes with one relentless irritation: mosquitos. Unfortunately, the warm, humid weather in the region does tend to attract mosquitos, which can be especially annoying for those who wish to enjoy the many fun outdoor activities and attractions in and around these cities. To make matters worse, the annual hurricane season can cause the mosquito population to quickly multiply, even when Birmingham and Huntsville escape the worst of a hurricane's damage. Just by bringing more moisture to the area, these hurricanes create an environment where mosquitos thrive. Fortunately, MosquitoNix® offers affordable and effective solutions to keep those mosquitos out of sight and out of mind.

Whether you're out camping in the middle of nowhere or simply enjoying a picnic in your own backyard, mosquitos can quickly become your number-one pest. However, it's important to remember that these flying insects may also pose a health threat since they can potentially carry dangerous diseases like the West Nile and Zika viruses. To protect yourself and your family, contact our mosquito elimination experts at MosquitoNix to learn about our pest control solutions. As the leading mosquito authority in Birmingham and Huntsville, we know the area well and can deliver customized solutions to keep mosquitos away. Whether you want a custom misting system for your home or business, spraying at a location before a special outdoor event or a mobile unit you can use to keep mosquitos away wherever you go, we'll help you find the right solutions for your needs. We also offer monthly QuickNix® fogging treatments to deliver ongoing mosquito protection.

Don't let pesky bugs take away from your enjoyment of the city you love. Whether you live in or around Birmingham and Huntsville, MosquitoNix is here to help you stay safe and enjoy the outdoors in any kind of weather. Call today to learn more about our mosquito control treatments and to receive a free estimate.

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