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Eliminate Mosquitos from Outdoor Events – MosquitoNix

Want to make sure your guests are comfortable for your upcoming outdoor event? Use MosquitoNix® fogging treatments to keep these pesky insects away all day long. The last thing you want is for your guests to be swatting bugs away all evening and waking up covered in red, itchy bites from the night before. By using our effective fogging treatment, your outdoor space will remain free of mosquitos for up to 72 hours. So whether you’re hosting a company barbecue, a wedding, an outdoor festival, a pool party or another type of gathering, you can rest assured that bugs won’t be an issue for your guests.

At MosquitoNix, we use our exclusive QuickNix® Three-Step Process to fully eradicate mosquitos from the immediate area. This goes way beyond simple sprays or mists that you might find in stores. Our trained and professionally licensed technicians perform a full inspection of your grounds to come up with a customized solution for maximum effectiveness.

Next, the mosquito fogging treatment is applied to trees, bushes and foliage where mosquitos are typically found. The eradiation continues with the application of two more mosquito-blocking products. Finally, eco-friendly granules are spread over the perimeter of the property to create a barrier between your event and the mosquitos and other pests. There’s also a special eco-friendly larvicide applied to any standing water around the property in order to limit mosquito breeding.

This thorough process eliminates the threat of mosquitos and many other bugs during the course of your event. You’ll love that your guests can be outdoors at any time of the day without the discomfort of insect bites. If you’re committing to hosting an event to remember, get in touch with MosquitoNix and inquire about our special event mosquito fogging treatments.

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MosquitoNix On the Go Available at Costco

Mosquitos can make your outdoor spaces unpleasant all summer long. If these pests are keeping you from enjoying your yard, pool or patio, consider picking up a MosquitoNix® On the Go Portable Misting System. Now available at your local Costco, these effective units are easy to take with you on the go. The compact design is sleek and stylish, and it’s easy to set out for quick and easy spraying when you want to keep mosquitos away. It’s the perfect solution for decks, patios and small backyards or pool areas. Business owners may also want to incorporate these for outdoor areas like café patios or beer gardens. And with this new Costco partnership, it’s easier than ever to get one for yourself.

Your yard isn’t the only place where you may want to use the MosquitoNix On the Go Portable Misting System. Stop by Costco on the way to your next camping trip to enjoy a mosquito-free camp site. This MosquitoNix product is also a great way to keep the bugs away while you’re out on the hunting or fishing trip, traveling to campsites in your RV or even just going for a picnic at the local park. Because it’s so compact and lightweight and is completely operated via AA batteries, it’s easy to travel with to make any space more comfortable.

Order this product from Costco today to start enjoying mosquito-free zones as soon as possible. In addition to the mister, you’ll get a remote control for easy operation, three insecticide canister refills and an instruction manual for easy setup. Say goodbye to red, itchy mosquito bites and say hello to a summer full of outdoor fun with the MosquitoNix On the Go Portable Misting System, now conveniently available at your local Costco. Products may be ordered online and shipped to your home or picked up in stores (call your local store for availability details).

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Special Events & Wedding Treatments

It's Time to Throw a Party Outside! 

Don't let unwelcome guests crash your party. With MosquitoNix®, you can get effective, safe and simple mosquito control for parties, weddings, special events and more. Our cutting-edge mosquito elimination technologies provide a welcome respite from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs and flying insects so that you can throw a comfortable party for all your guests. We use mosquito fogging treatments to rid your outdoor environment of mosquitoes for up to 72 hours. This service is an excellent choice for weddings, company barbecues, concerts, outdoor festivals, pool parties and any other outdoor affair.

Our exclusive QuickNix™ Three-Step Process starts with a property inspection and evaluation, performed by one of our licensed and trained mosquito prevention specialists. Next, your MosquitoNix specialist will cloak trees, brushes and foliage in a solution that cuts down on existing mosquito populations. Finally, we use a unique mosquito eradication system of larvicides to effectively preventing your landscape from future breeding. The result is a more comfortable and safe environment for large groups. When you treat for mosquitoes before a party, you're effectively safeguarding your customers, friends and loved ones from harmful vector-borne diseases and pesky bug bites.

3-STEP FOGGING TREATMENTS | Eliminate Any Worry of Mosquito Bites at Your Event 


How does it work? 

  • Mosquito Fogging: A fogger is used around dense vegetation, shrubs, hedges and tree canopies providing immediate control with residual properties.
  • Mosquito Granules: Fine eco-friendly granules are spread over the perimeter of your property creating an undesirable environment for mosquito & other pests.
  • Mosquito Larvicides: A small amount of larvicides, an eco-friendly solution, used to limit mosquito breeding is place in standing water around the property.


MosquitoNix Special Event  Service Areas:

Alabama: Huntsville

Georgia: Atlanta

Florida: Jacksonville | Orlando | West Coast | South East

Texas: Austin | Dallas | Fort Worth |  Houston | San Antonio | South Texas | Tyler  


South Carolina: Charleston | Hilton Head    


Why choose MosquitoNix? Not only is our technology above-the-cut, but we also offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you're completely pleased with our services. What's more, the MosquitoNix team is close by and available if, for some reason, your fogging treatment begins to fade after 72 hours. We offer on-demand mosquito fogging in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Make sure to explore our locations page to see if your city is covered by one of our service areas. To request a special event mosquito fogging, call us today at 844-483-3213 or request a quote.

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Zika Prevention Tips

It is important that the community takes measures to control mosquito populations even if you are not living in one of the existing areas of concern. The fact is the mosquito that can transmit and carry Zika are present and we need to be aware of the dangers.

At this time the cities & counties are taking a broad approach to mosquito control using aerial and truck spraying.

At MosquitoNix we believe a broad approach supplemented with a increase in targeted solutions is the most effective way to control mosquito populations. The mosquito known to transmit the Zika Virus  live & breed near your home and in your own backyard. Both our custom misting systems & on-going barrier fogging treatments take a targeted approach to controlling mosquitos. For over 13 years our team has specialized in these types of treatments.

The CDC recommends -  once a week - residents make sure to empty or throw away containers that have standing water - this includes buckets, toys, bird baths, pet bowls, trash cans & gutters etc. 

When water is mixed with items like leaves, branches or grass the chances of mosquito larvae surviving increases - so be aware of and empty, turn over, scrub or discard items that hold standing water.

In addition to eliminating standing water from your property you should:

  1. Call a licensed and trained mosquito control professional - like MosquitoNix -  to asses your property for a targeted approach to mosquito control
  2. Install a permanent mosquito control misting system or schedule weekly mosquito fogging treatments to first control - then eliminate mosquitos - from your yard, using a targeted approach
  3. Encourage friends, neighbors and families to also treat their yard with EPA approved solutions that are known to Kill mosquitos with low residual and low toxicity

It is important that we do our part to use an effective & targeted method to control mosquitos.

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Know Your Enemy - The Mosquito

The mosquito is the world's deadliest animal. There are approximately 2,700 different species of mosquitos throughout the world, and the United States is home to 150 varieties. Species will vary in appearance, location, feeding habits, and in their threat to humans. The following mosquitos are the most common species found in the United States and Canada:

Anopheles quadrimaculatus:  

It is the chief carrier of malaria in the eastern, central and southern United States.

It is brown and has three long projections on its head. There are white patches on the wing-veins of many of the more dangerous anopheline mosquitos. It is active after dusk and just before dawn. 

The above most common mosquito species are found throughout North America. There are countless numbers of species that are specific to certain states and locations throughout the country as well.


Aedes is a genus of mosquito originally found in subtropical and tropical regions, but now are found on all continents except Antartica. Aedes albopictus, a most invasive species was recently spread to the United States by the used-tire trade. Some of hte species of this genus transmit serious disease including dengue fever, yellow fever, Zika virus and chikungunya.  

Aedes aegypti, the yellow fever mosquito, is a mosquito that can spred dengue fever, chikungunya, Zika and yellow fever. The mosquito can be recognized by white marketings on its legs and markings in the form of a lyre on the upper surface of its throat. 

Aedes albopictus (stegmomua albopicta), from the mosquito Culicidae family - also known as the Asian tiger or forest mosquito - is the mosquito native to subtropical areas of Southeast Asia. It is characterized by its black-and-white-striped legs, and small black-and-white-striped body.

Culex pipiens:

Also known as the northern house mosquito, it is the most common species found in urban areas. It is believed to the primary culprit for the transmission of the West Nile virus to humans, birds and other mammals.

It is brown and has white markings on its legs and mouth parts. It prefers to attack at dusk and after dark. (Photo:

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