Some people inadvertently mistake beetles for cockroaches. But if you determine an insect that looked like a cockroach in your house is actually a beetle, that doesn't mean you should relax. Certain species of beetles can cause a lot of damage to items in your home in a short amount of time. Learn why house beetles want to come in your home with advice from the Pest Library at MosquitoNix®.


Beetles are quite possibly the most successful animal in the world. The order Coleoptera makes up one fourth of all animals on the planet. More than 350,000 species of beetles exist in the world, some as big as your fist, others the size of a flea. About 10% of that number lives in North America. Common names for some familiar house beetles are June bugs, potato bugs, weevils and fireflies. Some of them eat other insects, but most will eat almost anything, including the waste of other creatures.

Beetles tend to have easily identifiable antennae and rigid front wings that look more like a shell. They also tend to have clearly identifiable mouthparts. Some beetles are round in shape, while others are long and slender. Beetles also have many body colors.

Breeding Habits

Some species of beetles, such as flour beetles and grain beetles, will eat food stored in a home. Once beetles have moved indoors, the females may lay eggs near the food source, causing the infestation to continue. Depending on the species, a single egg or a bundle of eggs may be produced. After a larva and pupa stage, an adult beetle's wings harden, and full color emerges. A beetle's lifespan ranges from three months to 12 years, depending on its species.


Beetles live everywhere - deserts, lakes, forests and polar ice caps. They love to tunnel in the ground, through wood or into other creatures' nests.

Solutions for Beetles in Your Home

Should certain species of house beetles invade your home, they can cause damage to things like clothes, food and wooden furniture. The best way to remove beetles from the home is to treat for the types of beetles that infest food products, fabrics and wood. When treating for beetles, houses must be evaluated differently than when dealing with a cockroach problem. Treatment plans must work at eradicating adult beetles that you can see as well as the immature beetle larvae that you can't see.

Finding the nests and egg laying areas of beetles can be difficult for a homeowner trying to treat this problem alone. If you're tired of seeing beetles in your home and dealing with the destruction they cause, contact MosquitoNix. We have extensive experience dealing with removing beetles from the home, and we have the expertise to remove specific species of beetles. Contact our professional customer service team to learn more about our services and to receive a free cost estimate.