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Dallas, Texas

MosquitoNix was founded right here in Dallas, Texas in 2003 and is locally owned and operated. For over 18 years we have remained loyal to our commitment to provide superior mosquito products and services.

Our custom mosquito misting system is built and assembled right here in the U.S. at our Dallas, Texas warehouse ensuring quality and performance. Unlike other companies, we developed a system unique only to MosquitoNix.

Text “SALES” or call (972) 581-9878 to begin your custom MosquitoNix protection plan.

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Automatic Misting Systems

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Dallas Mosquito Experts

Do you live in Dallas and have a mosquito problem? You've come to the right place! MosquitoNix is the leading authority on affordable, effective mosquito control. Founded right here in Dallas, MosquitoNix now covers more than 500 cities and nine countries with our state-of-the-art custom-designed mosquito misting systems, monthly and ongoing fogging treatments, special event spraying and all-natural mosquito control. Our products and services help provide a safe place for your family and pets to play.

Our trained and licensed technicians have the experience you need to control mosquito populations in your home or business. We can help get rid of annoying, biting and dangerous insects, such as mosquitos, ticks, no-see-ums and more. MosquitoNix Dallas mosquito control makes the great outdoors more comfortable and healthier for you, your family and your pets.

We take Dallas mosquito control personally! Our expert staff will install a state-of-the-art system specifically designed for your home or business, and we'll keep it maintained so mosquitos and other biting insects don't ruin your outdoor activities. Our highly effective mosquito misting is a long-term solution to control mosquito populations around your property.

Text “SALES” or call (972) 581-9878 to begin your custom MosquitoNix® protection plan.


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Automatic Mosquito Control Misting Systems

Automatic Misting System

For over 18 years we have served Dallas installing state-of-the-art custom and automatic MISTING SYSTEMS. Create a barrier of protection around your home and eliminate unwanted mosquitos and other annoying  biting insects. 

Each system consist of aesthetically placed nozzes and tubing ensuring a practically invisible barrier. Each system is scheduled to go off 3 times a day so you don't have to worry about setting it off. If you'd like extra protection an iphone or android app is included for on-demand remote control. 

MosquitoNix QuickNix Fogging Treatments | Mosquito Control Spraying


We also offer QUICKNIX monthly on-going FOGGING TREATMENTS that temporarily remove mosquitos and other insects. This is a great way to control insects for special occasions like outdoor weddings and family gatherings. We use a three-step process that not only kills mosquitos immediately upon contact but also limits their breeding activity to keep the population in check.

We offer PEST CONTROL for both residential and commercial spaces to help keep employees and customers comfortable and safe in and around local businesses in every season.

The MosquitoNix Difference | Dallas, Texas Mosquito Control

The MosquitoNix Difference

We don't just offer great products and services. MosquitoNix Dallas is fully committed to complete customer satisfaction, providing honest and personalized service by experts in mosquito control. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and passion. Our guiding principle is to protect people against mosquitos and mosquito-borne illness around the world so that they can enjoy the outdoors! 


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