How to Treat for Blind Mosquitoes

Also known as aquatic midges or non-biting midges, blind mosquitoes can be a major nuisance. While they don't bite, they do fly in dense swarms that can ruin outdoor activities and cause costly property damage. Here, the pros at MosquitoNix® answer frequently asked questions about these pesky pests to help you get through blind mosquito season.


What are blind mosquitoes?
Blind mosquitos are a type of freshwater insect. Despite their name, they are able to see. They're also unlike regular mosquito species because they don't bite, suck blood, or carry disease

When Is Blind Mosquito Season?
Blind mosquito season runs from April through November. Because these insects have to live in moist areas in order to breed, the season may be shorter in areas experiencing a drought.

Where do Blind Mosquitoes Breed?
These pesky pests breed in damp, wet areas such as rivers, lakes, and ponds, and can often be found in manmade water bodies such as stormwater and sewage drainage ponds.

How Long Is a Blind Mosquito's Life Span?
Blind mosquitoes are not able to feed once they've reached adulthood, so fully grown aquatic midges only live for a few days. While that may seem fortunate, it's actually one of the things makes them so destructive.

What Types of Damage Can These Critters Cause?
Because they drop dead so frequently, the carcasses of blind mosquitoes can create piles two- to three-inches high in doorways, along sidewalks, and on cars. Their dead bodies can stain paint and other wall finishes, as well as ruin linens, clothes, and furniture, causing hundreds of dollars of damage in a matter of days. Blind mosquitoes can also damage the headlights, windshields and paint of vehicles when they collide with cars on the road.

How Can I Get Rid of Blind Mosquitoes?
Keeping blind mosquitoes away is nearly impossible without professional pest control services because they travel in such large swarms. When there's an abundance of organic matter nearby, they'll continue breeding non-stop from April through November, resulting in months of distress for homeowners.

Fortunately, the professional insect removal team at MosquitoNix can provide relief from blind mosquitoes in the form of portable foggers and technologically advanced bug-killing solutions. Contact our pest professionals today to learn how they can help you remove blind mosquitoes and reclaim your home.