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Outdoor insect misting systems

You love spending time in your backyard, but constantly fighting off mosquitos ruin the experience. You've tried everything from insect-repellents, toxic sprays and candles, but nothing seems to keep those pesky bugs at bay. Therefore, it's time to discover how MosquitoNix® safe and effective outdoor insect misting systems can transform your outdoor living.

MosquitoNix® stands as the national leader in mosquito control, all thanks to our innovative outdoor misting systems. Our systems are designed for simplicity and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy your deck, patio, or pool without the nuisance of mosquitos and other flying insect, even during the peak of summer's heat and humidity. With MosquitoNix®, you'll no longer need to rely on ineffective solutions that don't quite solve the problem.

Therefore, by choosing MosquitoNix®, you're not just getting an ordinary mosquito control solution; you're investing in the opportunity to reclaim your outdoor space.

Our automated, unobtrusive outdoor insect misting systems create a mosquito-free zone, ensuring that your time outside is enjoyable, not itchy. Say goodbye to red, itchy bites and hello to uninterrupted, pleasant outdoor living with MosquitoNix®


Since 2003, we've been the go-to resource for residential and commercial properties in need of mosquito and pest control. No matter what your outdoor space looks like or how bad the mosquito infestation may be, we can create a customized solution that works perfectly for your yard.

We have a variety of services to suit any homeowner or business owner's needs, including custom outdoor misting systems, fogging treatments and spraying for special events. For those on-the-go situations, you have the option of MosquitoNix On-the-Go, which offers portable control for small patios, camping, hunting trips and other outdoor spaces.

In addition to providing best-in-class mosquito control services, MosquitoNix offers pest control. MosquitoNix pest control team is the go-to expert for general pest, rodent, ant, fly and odor control. Unlike our competitors, our team does not try to pressure you into expensive treatments or solutions. Our team is honest, reliable and dedicated to providing exceptional pest control services for residential and commercial properties.

Our goal is to provide a custom plan that will fit your family's or customers' needs. We take a 360° approach to mosquito and pest management and provide competitive pricing for all our services. We work with you to fit our services to your property size or budget for the optimal pesticide service.

MosquitoNix Difference

MosquitoNix is available in over 500 cities and nine countries. We ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction and offer limited lifetime warranties for our service plans. When you work with us, you'll enjoy personalized and reliable customer service and the work of trained and licensed technicians.

Forget about those other mosquito and pest control solutions that have failed in the past. Contact us today to learn how MosquitoNix and our outdoor mosquito misting systems can allow you to live mosquito-free for good.

Outdoor living spaces are a refreshing way to connect with nature, as well as with friends and family. Our services and products transform your backyard into an enjoyable place where your kids and pets can play, or a quiet place to relax.

Hire MosquitoNix for No More Mosquitos. Period.

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