How to Deal with Fire Arts - MosquitoNix Insect Library

If you think ants are irritating pests, watch out for fire ants. Known for their painful bites and stings, these insects are loathed by just about anyone who's ever come into contact with them. Fire ants can become a nuisance quickly, and seeing a few of these insects means that a large colony may be nearby.

The dark reddish-brown color of fire ants can sometimes cause people to mistake them for regular ants, especially in poorly lit areas. In direct light, it is typically easier to detect the reddish tone and visible stinger that distinguishes these insects from typical ants. The size of fire ants can vary from about 1.6 to 5 mm. One of the best ways to spot a fire ant infestation is to look for visible mounds of soil in a bright, sunny area. These mounds are typically dome-shaped and can grow to be quite large, with the biggest mounds measuring upwards of 15 cm tall and 61 cm wide. Because they tend to stick to sunny areas, you'll most commonly see fire ant mounds in open lawns or fields. Due to the warm, sunny conditions and lack of predators, fire ants are especially common in the southern United States.

Fire ants can reproduce quickly when their mounds are undisturbed. In fact, when one mound begins to thrive and expand rapidly, additional queen ants may be sent to establish new mounds nearby. The development cycle from egg to adult takes about 30 days. Worker ants often live for up to six months, while queens may live as long as six years.

Fire ants are an aggressive species which will grip their prey with their mandibles before injecting venom through their stinger. These stings are typically very painful and, in some cases, can pose a serious health risk. If you have a severe reaction to a fire ant bite (sweating, nausea, rapid heartbeat, etc.), get emergency medical attention as soon as possible.

Because fire ants form large colonies, they can be difficult to exterminate. Unless the entire colony is destroyed, it will likely recover and eventually expand once again. To deter these ants, throw away or securely store all sweet or fatty foods, which attract fire ants, and make sure any cracks or crevices in your home are sealed.

Avoid disturbing any fire ant nests that you've found, since doing so could cause a high number of stings; instead, call a professional from MosquitoNix® for assistance. Our pest control services include specialized solutions for dealing with fire ants. Our technicians are trained to detect fire ant colonies and remove them carefully. In addition, we'll help to ensure that these pests don't return to your property. Contact us at 844-483-3213 to learn more about our pest control services or get a free quote online today.