All MosquitoNix Services

Do you have a bug problem or any unwanted pests in your home or business? MosquitoNix provides custom solutions to rid your residence or commercial property of mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats, midges, pests, odors and other uninvited guests that may be causing damage to your property. We also offer portable mosquito control and a professional lighting and décor service. View each of our premiere services to learn more!

Mosquito Control 

MosquitoNix uses the most advanced equipment practices in combatting mosquitoes. As the national leader in commercial and residential mosquito control, we combine our extensive experience and exceptional customer service for highly effective mosquito control services. 

Pest Control 

MosquitoNix offers, PestNix™, a full-service pest control maintenance program for residential and commercial properties. Our licensed MosquitoNix service technicians have extensive experience in pest control and are reliable, honest and provide top-notch customer service. 

Holiday Lights & Decor

MosquitoNix can help transform your home or commercial property into a magical wonderland during the holidays, too. If buying and installing holiday lights fills you with dread every year, let our elf stand-ins do the job for you, beautifully and professionally. From supplying lights and decorations to installing, maintaining, removing and storing, we handle it all so you can enjoy the holiday season without the stress.

We Handle It All 
We supply, install, maintain, remove and store holiday lights and decorations

  • Premium quality 
  • Complete Maintenance 
  • Fully insured