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Atlanta GA Mosquito Control

MosquitoNix is the trusted leader in Atlanta and the surrounding area for effective mosquito control. Residential and commercial properties have entrusted us for not only our reliable solutions, but for our exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. Wondering what all the "buzz" is all about? Keep reading to learn about some of our innovative solutions.

We offer the following services for homeowners and business owners - from Atlanta to Duluth to Buckhead and beyond:

Custom Misting Systems - Our helpful mosquito control misting system is designed and built by our own pros. It effectively drives mosquitoes from your outdoor environment by way of misting nozzles that're placed around your property by our expert installers. These nozzles mist a botanical insecticide into the air two to four times a day, for ongoing results. If you have kids or furry, four-legged family members, this all-natural solution is made from chrysanthemum flower extract so it can help protect you & allow you to enjoy being outside.

Monthly and Ongoing Fogging Treatments - This three-step fogging service packs a one-two-three punch against flying critters. Fogging, granules and larvacide work together for complete protection, including limiting future larvae from developing into adult mosquitos.

Special Event Spraying - Nothing puts a damper on an outdoor wedding, barbecue or birthday faster than swarms of mosquitoes taking over your space. Before welcoming friends and family to your home, be sure your entertaining area is mosquito-free with our rigorous fogging treatment for powerful temporary mosquito eradication. One of our knowledgeable pros will come to your location right before your event and treat the area. This special event solution lasts for up to 72 hours -and sometimes longer. This is also a popular option that's frequently used by wedding venues, restaurants with outdoor patios, concert venues and parks.  

All-Natural Mosquito Control - Why mist, spray or fog your property with harsh, dangerous chemicals when you can have equally successful results with our MosquitoNix Green service? This completely eco-friendly mosquito control uses such natural ingredients as clove extract and peppermint oil instead of pyrethrins and permethrins. They're also non-staining so they won't damage turf, grass and concrete.

We even have Portable "On The Go" Solutions" because mosquitos can be found everywhere! Our compact, lightweight and portable units are the convenient way to rid your outdoor environment of mosquitoes. Take it with you when you go camping or on road trips in your RV. You can also conveniently move it around to various spots on your property. This battery-operated unit is a multi-tasker that kills clover mites, cluster flies, flies, gnats, mosquitos, mud daubers and wasps.




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Mosquito Fogging: A fogger is used around dense vegetation, shrubs, hedges and tree canopies providing immediate control with residual properties.

Mosquito Granules: Fine eco-friendly granules are spread over the perimeter of your property creating an undesirable environment for mosquito & other pests.

Mosquito Larvicides: A small amount of larvicides, an eco-friendly solution, used to limit mosquito breeding is place in standing water around the property.



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