How to Treat for Spiders

When it comes to creepy crawlies, spiders make the top of many people's list. Officially called arachnids, these eight-legged creatures find their way into homes, occupying nooks and crannies, or crawling along walls. Learn how spiders get into your home and what control measures work best with advice from the MosquitoNix® Library.

There are over 10,000 species of spiders in the world, and all but one is predatory towards insects such as flies. Spiders are naturally shy, uninterested in pursuing humans and their vision is poor. Species that bite only do so when they feel threatened, and bites happen when humans accidentally, or purposely, disturb them. Venom-carrying spiders cause mild to severe reactions in humans that may require immediate medical attention. Spiders who like moist environments are found in crawl spaces, basements and damp areas. Spiders who like dry environments are found in attics, room corners and underneath dry floorboards.

Spotting spider webs in corners and window sills is a telltale sign of their presence in your home. Spiders may be occupying these webs, or they may be abandoned. Either way, webs let you know they've found a way inside. On a quest for a meal or a safe place to live, spiders crawl through door and window cracks and holes, or they hide inside boxes, bags and other items that make their way into the home. Keep spiders out of your home by sealing up those gaps wherever you find them using caulk and tape patching material. Replace or repair ripped screens, and seal cracks around kitchen and bathroom sinks. You may also want to apply mesh covering to vents to cut off easy access to rooms.

If spiders are already in your home, bug spraying areas where they crawl may work. A sweep of spider webs with a vacuum cleaner can quickly remove a small infestation. Traps have limited success, depending on the species. Yet, despite your best efforts, some spider infestations are too big to handle with these methods. When this happens, MosquitoNix is ready to take over spider eradication duties whenever you need us. Our team of trained experts have a range of green-friendly tools at our disposal to assist you with spider eradication. Call us now to set up a free consultation, or to ask about our portable repellant systems.