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Mosquito Fogging Treatments

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Whether your facility is hosting a big event or you just want a temporary respite from irksome mosquitoes in your backyard, MosquitoNix® mosquito fogging treatments are a great choice. This on-demand mosquito control solution provides relief from bothersome bugs. The treatment can last up to 2 weeks, but is guaranteed up to 72 hours — the perfect length of time to host a comfortable, safe and enjoyable outdoor event free of the risk of bug bites and dangerous vector-borne diseases. Eliminate mosquitoes in your commercial or residential environment before special occasions, weddings, concerts and more. And, just like all MosquitoNix services, our fogging treatments are covered by a satisfaction guarantee!


How does it work? 

How does it work? Our unique system, called QuickNix™, uses a three-step process to knock out mosquitoes for up to three days. First, we place a high-tech fogger in dense vegetation, shrubs and tree canopies to provide immediate control. We also implement mosquito granules, eco-friendly particles that deter ground-level mosquitoes and other pets, around the perimeter of your property. What’s more, we place eco-friendly larvicides in standing water around your property to limit mosquito breeding and prevent future infestations. MosquitoNix mosquito fogging solutions are administered by a team of licensed mosquito prevention specialists.

  • Mosquito Fogging: A fogger is used around dense vegetation, shrubs, hedges and tree canopies providing immediate control with residual properties.
  • Mosquito Granules: Fine eco-friendly granules are spread over the perimeter of your property creating an undesirable environment for mosquito & other pests.
  • Mosquito Larvicides: A small amount of larvicides, an eco-friendly solution, used to limit mosquito breeding is place in standing water around the property.

How long can it last? 

The mosquito control fogging treatment is guaranteed up to 72 hours, but can last anywhere up to 2 weeks or more. If it happens to rain or you are unsatisfied with the treatment within the 72 hours one of our trained team members will come back out to your home and retreat your lawn. 

The 3-step treatment from MosquitoNix provides a powerful temporary mosquito control solution that allows you to relax and safely enjoy outdoor events.

Fogging treatments are perfect for:

  • Outdoor Parties or Events
  • Special Occasions
  • Wedding Venues
  • Concert Centers
  • HOAs
  • Assisted Living Center
  • Municipal Parks or Public Areas 

MosquitoNix Fogging Treatment Service Areas:

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        South Carolina: CharlestonHilton Head      

        Before your specialist administers treatment, he or she will come out to your home and provide an in-depth inspection to ensure that your area is fully protected from mosquitoes and other flying, biting bugs. We’re happy to provide this high-quality mosquito treatment to wedding venues, concert venues, homeowner’s associations, parks, municipalities and homeowners. MosquitoNix proudly serves customers in more than 500 cities throughout the United States. Visit our locations page for a complete list of service areas. If you’d like to get started and schedule your on-demand mosquito fogging treatment, contact us today at 844-483-3213 or request a quote.    

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