QuickNix Fogging Treatments

Make Mosquitos a Thing of the Past


How it Works?

QuickNix® mosquito fogging treatments control the life cycle of the mosquito with one easy step.

- Utilizing a Non-Toxic solution MosquitoNix controls the life cycle of mosquitoes in one easy step.

- Controls mosquito populations for up to 2 weeks, guaranteed for 72 hours.

- Perfect for outdoor weddings, backyard parties and other events.

- 100% satisfaction guaranteed ensures you are satisfied with the results. 

MosquitoNix mosquito fogging solutions are administered by a team of licensed mosquito prevention specialists. A fogger is used around dense vegetation, shrubs, hedges and tree canopies providing effective results with residual properties.

*Subject to market availability. Please check with your local representative to see if this new one-step treatment is available. 

Automatic Custom Mosquito Control Misting System - Eliminate Mosquitos from your home or business.

Misting Systems

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How long does it last?

The mosquito control fogging treatment is guaranteed up to 72 hours, but can last anywhere up to 2 weeks or more. If it happens to rain or you are unsatisfied with the treatment within the first 72 hours, give us a call. One of our trained team members will return to your home or business and retreat your lawn at no cost. 

Enjoy the outdoors with a MosquitoNix Automatic Misting System or Fogging Treatments