Mosquito Control Services

Are you being run out of your backyard or fighting a losing battle with mosquitoes or no-see-ums? MosquitoNix can help! We're the leading experts in full-service mosquito control, using highly effective services, products and treatments, along with best-in-class practices and personalized customer service. We use our extensive knowledge of mosquito control services to provide a custom solution for your residence or commercial property.

Custom Misting Systems  

We offer custom mosquito control misting systems for optimal protection against mosquitoes, ticks, no-see-ums and other biting insects. We build and maintain our own misting systems for complete ongoing mosquito control. 

On-going Fogging Treatments

Our fogging treatments begin with a full inspection and evaluation by certified MosquitoNix technicians. Followed by an exclusive 3-step treatment process. Perfect for a wedding, birthday party or backyard BBQ. 

All-Natural Green Services

If you're looking for natural mosquito control services, we offer a green alternative to our mosquito control systems (which are already biodegradable). MosquitoNix Green is 100 percent environmentally friendly. It uses herbal ingredients. 

Portable On-The-Go Solutions

This is an ideal way to rid your outdoor environment of mosquitos, whether it's on a patio, in a small backyard or a camping site. It's compact, portable mosquito control in a unit that's battery operated. 


Discover the MosquitoNix Difference

  • Industry expertise in developing, installing and maintaining automatic misting systems for mosquito control
  • Straightforward, personalized and reliable customer service
  • Full Service maintenance plans
  • Customized, effective solutions designed to fit the needs of each home or business
  • 100 Percent Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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