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Fly Control

Flies are a general nuisance and carry an abundance of diseases. When a fly lands on an object or your food they can spread dysentery, typhoid, anthrax, tuberculosis, and cholera through their legs. MosquitoNix fly control service called FlyNix ™ offers a two-step approach to fly control.

  1. Our licensed, certified pest control technician accesses your property for entry points and fly harborage areas. Once identified, our FlyNix™ technician places fly trap bags around the perimeter of the property and fills the fly trap with water.

  2. In addition, FlyNix™ technicians spray a "kill on contact" residual insecticide on door frames and windows, otherwise known as places where flies love to congregate. 

FlyNix™ service is performed by our trained pest control team routinely delivering customers a reduction in fly population by at least 90% during the first month of treatment.

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