Residential Pest Control

The MoquitoNix residential pest control program uses a multi-layered approach that we call Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This begins with a full inspection of your home by one of our fully trained and licensed pest control specialists. Our comprehensive inspection includes a detailed report that outlines in detail all areas in and around your home that harbors pests.

From there, we develop the best pest control strategy for your property and your pest problems. This is where MosquitoNix professional pest control is far superior to our competitors. We will only recommend the service that you need to effectively rid your home of pests. All too often, pest control companies will try to sell you services that are costly and that you don’t need. We will never do that at MosquitoNix! Our company is built on honesty and integrity, and that is our guarantee. Our services are designed in such a way that you purchase only what you need, and nothing more.

The MosquitoNix Quarterly Service Program Includes:

  • A Certified Technician who comes to your residence on a quarterly basis to lay a 3-foot-wide barrier of pesticide granules and spray around the base of your home

  • Upon request, they will go inside your home and treat “wet areas” near the plumbing with appropriate interior methods. We will never spray pesticide inside a home. They might lay down “sticky traps” in certain areas.

MosquitoNix Green Pest Services:

  • Upon request and at no extra charge, we offer green and eco-friendly services with low environmental impact.

  • Our technicians are trained to provide environmentally-friendly pest control for your home.

Pests Covered Under Our Standard Protection Plan:

Ants – Crickets – Earwigs – Fleas – House Crickets – Pillbugs – Roaches – Silverfish – Sowbugs – Spiders – Ticks

Other Services Available:

It is very common to see dead and scurrying bugs 1 to 2 days after a treatment. It is completely normal and means the proper defense of your home has started!