Fire Ant Control

When you need professional fire ant removal for a high traffic area such as a park, community recreational field, campgrounds or public lake area, choose MosquitoNix®. Our exclusive fire ant management plan was designed specifically for preventing and removing fire ant hills from high traffic locations. Fire ant control is an essential part of outdoor public space management. When fire ants invade, it can ruin a peaceful walk around a lake, a family picnic in the local park or a camping trip. If you’re out jogging or walking your pet, fire ants are unwelcome guests. If you’re responsible for managing public lands and are wondering how to get rid of fire ants, MosquitoNix can help! As part of our highly affective and affordable fire ant control services, we offer 2 layers of fire ant protection to eradicate fire ants where they live, in fire ant mounts, and prevent further mounds from appearing on your property. One approach is preventative broad spectrum, creating a barrier around the treated zone. The other approach is locally-targeted spot treatment for active mounds. This treatment method is very effective for park, lake, field and camp ground ant control.

Fire Ant Treatment:

  • Broad Step – Granular bait insecticide, effective in 24-72 hours and effective for 3-4 months. Must be applied 4 hours before rainfall.

  • Targeted Steps – Liquid insecticide, contact and kill. Not used near lakes or run-off. Must be applied 4 hours before rainfall.

Equipment Used:

  • Back pack foggers

  • Truck mounted sprayer

  • Motorized sprayer

  • Stand-up sprayer

MosquitoNix is your trusted source for effective fire ant control and exceptional customer service. Our licensed and fully trained technicians use the finest products and personalized service to remove fire ants from your property and make sure they don’t return. When you use our expert services, you can count on absolute professionalism, and our technicians are always courteous and on time. Our customers trust us for the best service and for providing not just excellent pest control, but also peace of mind.