Special Events & Wedding Treatments

It's Time to Throw a Party Outside! 

Don’t let unwelcome guests crash your party. With MosquitoNix®, you can get effective and simple mosquito control for parties, weddings, special events and more. Our cutting-edge mosquito elimination technologies provide a welcome respite from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs and flying insects so that you can throw a comfortable party for all your guests. We use mosquito fogging treatments to rid your outdoor environment of mosquitoes for up to 72 hours. This service is an excellent choice for weddings, company barbecues, concerts, outdoor festivals, pool parties and any other outdoor affair.

Our exclusive QuickNix™ Three-Step Process starts with a property inspection and evaluation, performed by one of our licensed and trained mosquito prevention specialists. Next, your MosquitoNix specialist will cloak trees, brushes and foliage in a solution that cuts down on existing mosquito populations. Finally, we use a unique mosquito eradication system of larvicides to effectively preventing your landscape from future breeding. The result is a more comfortable environment for large groups. When you treat for mosquitoes before a party, you’re effectively protecting your customers, friends and loved ones from harmful vector-borne diseases and pesky bug bites.

3-STEP FOGGING TREATMENTS | Eliminate Any Worry of Mosquito Bites at Your Event 

 How does it work? 

  • Mosquito Fogging: A fogger is used around dense vegetation, shrubs, hedges and tree canopies providing immediate control with residual properties.
  • Mosquito Granules: Fine eco-friendly granules are spread over the perimeter of your property creating an undesirable environment for mosquito & other pests.
  • Mosquito Larvicides: A small amount of larvicides, an eco-friendly solution, used to limit mosquito breeding is place in standing water around the property.

Why choose MosquitoNix? Not only is our technology above-the-cut, but we also offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you’re completely pleased with our services. What’s more, the MosquitoNix team is close by and available if, for some reason, your fogging treatment begins to fade after 72 hours. We offer on-demand mosquito fogging in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Make sure to explore our locations page to see if your city is covered by one of our service areas. To request a special event mosquito fogging, call us today at 844-483-3213 or request a quote.