Mosquito & Pest Articles

At MosquitoNix®, we believe that knowledge is important in maintaining the health and the integrity of your yard and your home. Understanding the basic facts about mosquitos, pest control and the pests in your home or garden is the first step to finding the best pest solution for you.

In a world full of misinformation, we pride ourselves on providing articles and information that are trustworthy, useful and applicable to our customers. You can trust MosquitoNix as your go-to source for the most relevant, newest articles that are up-to-date with latest health and scientific trends.

Our mosquito and pest-related articles offer a variety of information - from practical advice to informational. We debunk some of the myths about mosquitos, as well as discuss landscaping and garden options that may help repel those pesky creatures. We delve into the age-old question of why mosquitos seem to be attracted to some people yet leave others alone entirely. We also provide information about our products and services, discuss how MosquitoNix products work and the difference between our synthetic and botanical pest control options.

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