The Science of Mosquito Prevention: DIY vs. MosquitoNix 

As the thermometer rises through the spring, many of us are bracing for mosquito season. If you've resigned yourself to staying indoors all summer because you think the war against flying pests is a losing one, there is hope.

The experts at MosquitoNix® understand the science behind why mosquitos bite, where they love to breed and how to prevent them from ruining your summer. We want to help you understand what works, what doesn't and why when it comes to managing these uninvited guests in your yard or around your business property.

You may be a do-it-yourself-er who has tried everything. From bowls of dishwashing liquid to a steady diet of garlic, there is no shortage of homemade DIY suggestions for repelling mosquitos. But do they really work? Let's take a look at some of them, and then compare them to more science-based methodologies that will really get you results.

DIY Options

Mosquitos are generally attracted to the carbon dioxide we humans exhale, so one way to avoid them is to stop breathing. No, not really! But some believe that what we eat or drink, which may affect the odor of our breath, can affect how attractive we are to mosquitos. Garlic is the big one, but the truth is that garlic only repels mythical vampires, not the flying insect variety.

Another popular DIY answer to mosquitos is filling your garden with Citrosa, aka citronella geranium or the "mosquito plant." Because we are all so familiar with citronella candles, which are often made with an extract from this plant, and because we all believe those candles help keep the bugs at bay, the idea of the plant itself repelling mosquitos is attractive. But the truth is that you'd have to completely immerse yourself in a jungle of citrosa for it to keep you from getting bitten. Rubbing the plant's oil on your skin may work for about as long as any homemade repellent, but the plant is simply pretty.

Other popular DIY suggestions - dishwashing liquid, mouthwash, dryer sheets - may be considered tried-and-true by some. But these methods can actually backfire and create standing water areas that are breeding grounds for mosquitos.

Even those DIY repellents that may have some efficacy, like essential oils or cloves, will only provide limited relief and will need to be re-applied over and over again. Essential oils can be expensive, and concocting your own homemade repellent spray can be messy and time-consuming.

MosquitoNix System

If you're tired of buying expensive products that don't work or only work for a little while, if you've cleared your yard of standing water and done everything possible to make your property mosquito-unfriendly to no avail, you may be ready for a better solution.

The professionals at MosquitoNix understand mosquitos. We know when these pests are more active, where they breed and - most importantly - how to get rid of them. What's more, the MosquitoNix fogging and misting systems work on other pests, too, like ticks, wasps and spiders, so you can enjoy the outdoor areas around your home or business completely pest-free.

The MosquitoNix Misting system deploys a botanical insecticide using proprietary equipment and technology releasing a formula derived from the chrysanthemum flower, called pyrethrum. This formula naturally repels and eliminates all those pesky fliers, leaving your yard or business property comfortable and enjoyable once more.

Each misting system is customized to your specific property and needs. A trained MosquitoNix professional inspects your property to determine the optimal nozzle placement and equipment set-up to address your pest population. Then our team installs the custom-designed system, making sure the system and all equipment components are nearly invisible to you and your employees or guests. Two to four times a day, the system gently mists your property in 20- to 45-second intervals at the times mosquitos tend to be most active: before dawn and after dusk.

Your system also includes a remote control so you can mist on demand. For example, if you're having guests over in the afternoon or your business is hosting an outdoor lunch. A quick mist about an hour before their arrival will ensure your guests are comfortable and no uninvited fliers are in attendance.

QuickNix® fogging treatments offer even more customization with no long-term commitments. This on-demand control solution allows you to treat your property before an event, like a wedding or concert. The treatment is guaranteed to last 72 hours, so you can be sure your guests will be comfortable and your event will be pest-free.

Both the MosquitoNix Misting system and QuickNix fogging treatments are covered by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

All-Natural Mosquito Control Option

Still looking for a more natural solution to your mosquito woes? Look no further than MosquitoNix Green, which is completely free of pyrethrum, permethrins and cedar oil. Made from all-natural ingredients including peppermint oil and clove extract, this treatment is gentle and 100 percent safe to use around kids and pets. And yet, it is still effective enough to rid your home, farm, stable, restaurant or entertainment complex of unwanted pests.

Instead of wasting more time and money on DIY concoctions that either don't work or only provide minimal and temporary relief from flying pests, get serious about reclaiming your outdoor space with a free quote and estimate from MosquitoNix.