How Mosquito Control integrates with pest management

Integrated Mosquito Control and Pest Management

Mosquitos are more than just pests - they pose a very real health risk to people around the world. When infestations become out of control, there are even times when the government has to step in with widespread actions that can lead to the death of beneficial insects in addition to mosquitos. The solutions that are used by the government can be very severe and long-term use may pose a health risk to those in the area, which is why it's so crucial for individuals and businesses to police the mosquito and pest populations of their own property as a part of caring for the overall good of the community.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a Joint Statement on Mosquito Control in the United States in September of 2012, which addresses the need for widespread mosquito control. A section of this statement specifically addresses the need for private pest control companies to work with their local communities to ensure the local mosquito population is kept under control as best as possible. As one of the leading mosquito and pest control providers in the country, MosquitoNix® is at the forefront of the battle to reclaim our outdoor spaces.

MosquitoNix has a variety of mosquito and pest control solution that integrate seamlessly to provide your home and business with complete protection. Let's start with a look at the available mosquito control solutions.

Custom Misting Systems are perfect for a set-it-and-forget it solution that will keep your entire property protected, and will be maintained by our certified technicians. If you need a quick solution for an upcoming event that will take care of both adult mosquitos and those still in the larvae stage, consider our QuickNix™ fogging treatments. As the organic and "green" movement progresses, more and more people are placing an emphasis on non-toxic mosquito treatments that are safe for use around children and pets. For that scenario, use our MosquitoNix Green™ treatment option made from 100 percent environmentally friendly herbal ingredients. Summer time is also a prime time for people to venture out for barbeques, camping trips, hikes and many other outdoor excursions - just because you're away from home doesn't mean you should sacrifice your mosquito protection. Use our Portable On-the-Go solutions for battery-powered mosquito repellant wherever the nice weather takes you.

For complete protection of your property, you'll want to combine mosquito control with general pest control. MosquitoNix offers pest control for residential and commercial applications in more than 500 cities across nine countries, so wherever you are, chances are MosquitoNix is already nearby. Our pest control services come in both traditional and "green" options and fight against fire ants, flies, bed bugs, rodents and odors to help make sure your property is in tip-top shape. Our technicians are all highly-trained experts in the field and will make sure the job is done quickly and completely.

Combine our second-to-none mosquito control with our state-of-the-art pest control for unbeatable protection that comes with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. Ready to get started? Email us at, call us at 844-483-3213 or fill out our contact form. One of our highly-trained technicians will then be in touch to answer any questions you might have and schedule an on-site consultation.