When Are Mosquitoes Most Active During the Day

A great way to plan your mosquito control timing is by thinking about when mosquitoes will be the most active outdoors. Learning mosquito habits can also help you plan outdoor activities while avoiding being caught in large mosquito swarms. It's important to practice safe mosquito control, especially during mosquito season. These flying pests will not only leave itchy welts on your body, they can also spread serious diseases, such as malaria, West Nile virus and Zika virus.

When Mosquitoes Are the Most Active

When determining what time mosquitoes are the most active in your area, it's important to consider which mosquito species is most common. With 176 mosquito species found in the U.S., there are many different activity levels and habits to look at. Some species are the most active during daylight hours while others are more active at night. In most areas, it's safe to assume that dusk will be the most active mosquito time because both daytime and nighttime species will be out and about.

Two of the most common mosquito species in the U.S. are the Asian tiger mosquito and the common house mosquito. The common house mosquito is the most active and most likely to bite during the evening and the early night. The Asian tiger mosquito is more active during the day and is likely to bite in the late afternoon and early morning. Other species can also go on biting late into the night.

When Mosquitoes Are the Least Active

Regardless of species, most mosquitoes are typically the least active during the hottest part of the day. The midday sun is far too hot for the majority of mosquitoes. They can easily become dehydrated and die if they don't find shade and moisture for cover. This, of course, changes if the mosquito happens to take cover inside a temperature-controlled building, such as a house. The cooler air will keep the mosquito from becoming dehydrated and allow it to bite for more hours during the day.

When Is Mosquito Season?

Many mosquito species die off or hibernate during the winter. They can't handle cold temperatures and won't be seen during the coldest months of the year in most states. Most species will return each year once the temperature reaches a consistent 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This usually takes place in the late spring or early summer. In some southern states, such as Florida and Texas, it can happen much sooner - even as early as February in some cases.

Mosquitoes are particularly active near standing water and damp areas. They breed in stagnant water and tend to congregate around bogs, marshes and dredge spoil.

How to Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes

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