Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others?

Are you a mosquito magnet? Do the flying pests seem to swarm you while leaving your significant other unbothered?

There are lots of theories about why mosquitos like some people more than others, and there are just as many ideas for how to repel the little biters. You can't necessarily change some of the factors that attract mosquitos to you, but understanding why they love you so much can demystify their attraction.

Here are five reasons mosquitos pester some people more than others:

  1. Blood Type

    Mosquitos do not survive on human blood, but the females require the protein in blood for reproduction. Researchers have determined that type O is their favorite, with B types ranking as the second favorite and A types being least favored. Read more about whether or not mosquitoes prefer a particular blood type here.

  2. Gas

    Carbon dioxide is a siren song for mosquitos; they cannot resist it! And because carbon dioxide is a natural component of our exhalations, we attract mosquitos with every breath. Larger people and those engaged in physical exercise exhale more than others, making them irresistible. The fact that gassy air is constantly expelled from our noses and mouths explains why mosquitos love to buzz our heads and faces.

  3. Beer

    Mosquitos love a cold one as much as the next guy. Scientists aren't entirely sure why, but the higher ethanol content in beer drinkers' sweat may be the attraction. Either that, or mosquitos are lushes.

  4. Heat and Sweat

    In addition to carbon dioxide, mosquitos can smell the lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia in our sweat. Those compounds make warm, sweaty humans seem like an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord to the pesky flyers.

  5. Apparel

    Finally, something you can control! Mosquitos have much keener vision than one might think, especially later in the afternoon. Dark colors and red are particularly attractive, so opt for white or lighter colors to disappear from their radar. Read more about whether or not mosquitoes prefer black clothing to other colors here.

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