Florida Mosquito Control

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Florida Locations:

Sunny, warm Florida is a top tourist destination in the U.S., thanks to its beautiful sandy beaches, thrilling amusement parks and friendly, laid-back locals. Florida is also, let's face it, mostly swampland, with a hot, humid climate that is ideal for mosquitoes to breed and thrive. Luckily, MosquitoNix®, the national leader in mosquito and pest control services, also has locations throughout Florida to help you protect your residential and commercial properties.

Getting Under Control in the Land of Gators and Orange Groves
Out of the 3,500 species of mosquitoes, 80 make their home in Florida, and honestly, they are not very good neighbors. These flying pests can take some fun out of spending time outdoors, especially at dawn and dusk when you and your family want to beat the Florida heat. That's why residents across the peninsula rely on MosquitoNix for custom pest control services. We offer custom state-of-the-art misting systems, ongoing fogging treatments and even all-natural green services to take care of your pesky mosquito problem.

Finding a Florida Location to Serve You
With seven locations across the Florida, MosquitoNIx is nearby when you are ready to liberate your backyard from mosquitoes. Contact us online or call your local office today to enjoy the Florida outdoor living you and your family deserve. We look forward to helping you with a free estimate and custom service plan, whether for one-time special events or ongoing solutions throughout the mosquito season.