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Fort Lauderdale FL MosquitoControl

Enjoying outdoor activities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida comes naturally to anyone lucky enough to visit or call it home. Whether you love lounging on the beach gazing at the ocean, riding a bike through downtown or strolling the city's popular Riverwalk, being outdoors feels great. When you're out and about, getting bit by mosquitoes is the last thing you want to experience. However, mosquito bites do happen periodically, and when mosquito swarms become too numerous to handle, it's time to call in the pros at MosquitoNix.

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Automatic Custom Mosquito Control Misting System - Eliminate Mosquitos from your home or business.

Automatic Misting Systems

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MosquitoNix Services & More

Our trained experts know a lot about mosquito behavior, breeding preferences and how to stop mosquitoes from becoming an out of control public health menace. We've invested time and effort into mosquito control innovation, developing advanced mosquito control systems for homes and businesses. We offer Fort Lauderdale residents full-service options including landscape inspection, custom mosquito eradication planning and specialized treatments.

Services Provided: 

Custom Misting Systems

Monthly & On-going Fogging Treatments

Special Event Spraying

All Natural Treatment Options (Safe for use around kids, pets and those sensitive to chemical sprays!)

What is the MosquitoNix difference? 

There are many reasons why MosquitoNix continues to be the country's leading provider of flying insect protection, including:

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Industry-Leading Experts in the Development, Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Misting SystemsHonest and Reliable Customer Service

Two of our popular ongoing control options are misting systems and fogging treatments. We custom-build misting systems for residential and commercial properties. These automated systems distribute time-release insecticide in targeted areas. Fogging treatments are monthly or long-term. This option involves a full landscape inspection and the distribution of eco-friendly granules and larvicide to vegetation and areas containing standing water. We also offer a 3-step fogging treatment for weddings and other special events.

We believe everyone should have an easy way to remove mosquitoes from yards, pools, patios and favorite hang-out spots, which is why we created our portable On-The-Go dispenser. Simply place the dispenser wherever you need protection from mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other annoyances. 

Looking for green-friendly mosquito protection? MosquitoNix offers safe and effective all-natural formulations that are ideal for home and commercial environments. We use ingredients such as peppermint oil and clove extract, while avoiding cedar oil, permethrins and pyrethrin.

Let one of our professionals show you how we can help you get rid of pesky mosquitoes. Set up a free consultation today.