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Miami, Florida is famous for its gorgeous natural beaches, restaurants serving local cultural food favorites, thriving entertainment scene and numerous outdoor attractions for the whole family. The balmy weather and daily fun makes it easy to forget that there are scores of mosquitoes flying around those same outdoor areas, targeting unsuspecting locals and visitors alike. The same atmosphere that makes Miami so attractive to people also makes the city a haven for mosquito swarms, and some of those mosquitoes are carrying West Nile and Zika. MosquitoNix is a trusted and reliable Miami mosquito control company, and our mission is to help protect vulnerable populations from the spread of dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses.

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Due to the very serious nature of West Nile and Zika, and the risk to public health, mosquito breeding sites in Southern Florida must be neutralized to prevent the rapid spread of infections. The best containment strategies involve the use of special formulas and larvicides, and we've developed our own formulations, misters, foggers and dispensers to solve the problem of mosquito containment.

In Miami, MosquitoNix offers professional full-service mosquito control services to residential homes and businesses of all kinds. Our sophisticated misting system uses advanced technology and eco-friendly botanical-based insect-fighting formulas to protect backyards, beachfront areas, pools, patios and commercial properties.

Services Provided:

Custom Misting Systems

Monthly and Ongoing Fogging Treatments

Special Event Spraying

All-Natural Treatment Options


Automatic Custom Mosquito Control Misting System - Eliminate Mosquitos from your home or business.

What is the MosquitoNix Difference?

100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteedIndustry expert in the development, installation and maintenance of automatic misting systemsHonest, reliable customer service

We also have a three-step fogging treatment that is perfect for eliminating mosquito threats during weddings, outdoor parties and special events. For complete event protection, we highly recommend fogging, granules and larvicide treatments to shrubs, canopies and anywhere mosquitoes tend to breed.

Are you looking for an effective DIY mosquito control solution? Great! Our convenient On-The-Go dispenser is easy to carry and use, and this system includes our sensor-controlled insecticide spray for hassle-free distribution.

MosquitoNix experts can design a custom mosquito elimination plan for your Miami home or business, and we'll show you how our high-tech flying insect protection provides peace of mind. Contact a professional today for a free consultation and quote