What You Need to Know Before Moving to Florida

What You Need to Know Before Moving to Florida

May 30, 2023

So you are considering a move to The Sunshine State from California. Many, like you, are attracted to Florida's subtropical climate, the miles upon miles of beautiful sandy beaches and where fun activities like paddleboarding, swimming, boating, golf and fishing are always in season.

Moving from state to state is a big deal so it is important to consider many different factors before you start packing. Climate, cost of living, higher education, and outdoor pests are common considerations that can impact your decision to make the big move from the west coast to the east coast.

Climate and weather comparison: California vs Florida

To fully understand the differences between the two coastal states, it is helpful to know how far California is from Florida: just over 2700 miles.

The climate and weather of each state depends on where you are within that state, though both states are considered warm weather states.

California climate

The state of California varies in its climate, depending on elevation and proximity to the Pacific Ocean.

On the California coast, temperatures hover around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with the occasional spike upwards to 80 degrees. The coastline is often foggy, thanks to the cool California Current offshore.

Inland, California summers are often hot and dry though precipitation varies greatly depending on how north or south the location is. The winters are just cold enough to occasionally create a delicate ice over small puddles on the ground, but it is rare for temperatures to dip any lower than that.

In the mountains, California can see winter temperatures as cold as 15 degrees Fahrenheit and snowfall. In the summer, this part of California experiences mild to moderate heat.

Florida climate

Most of Florida is sub-tropical, with mild winters and sunny, hot summers. Southern Florida has a tropical climate, with more humid weather and more rain.

Severe Weather California vs Florida

California's severe weather includes hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and wildfires.

Florida's severe weather consists of more thunderstorms and hurricanes than California. In Florida, hurricane season is from June through November. California has had two tropical storms since 1900, and no hurricanes have made landfall in that time. You're more likely to see earthquakes and flooding in California.

All in all, California and Florida have attractive climates to many people. What you choose is dependent on each family's preferred lifestyle.

Cost of living: California vs Florida

Cost of living is a big reason that many move to Florida from California. In Florida, there is no state income tax. This may be extra appealing to many who have had to pay California's graduated tax that can reach as high as 12.3 percent for some couples.

Sales tax is also lower in Florida. Florida's statewide tax is just 6 percent, with some exceptions. California, on the other hand, has a statewide tax of 7.25 percent and some local jurisdictions that also charge district taxes.

Housing costs are also much lower in Florida which is an attractive benefit for many who are considering the move from coast to coast. It also cost more in California for food and gas, making Florida the more affordable place to call home.

If cost of living is an important factor in your decision, Florida comes out on top with a cost of living that hovers just over 1 percent of the national average.

Higher Education

Education can be central to a community and is often a top priority for families that are considering a relocation.

College education is typically less expensive in Florida. The Sunshine State also boasts several colleges that have made best college lists, including the University of Florida, the University of Miami and Florida State University.

California boasts some well-known colleges as well, with many of its universities garnering high rankings, including Stanford, California Institute of Technology, the University of California in Los Angeles, the University of Southern California and more. The state likely has more well-known universities than Florida.

Both states have high-ranking college choices, though may end up paying more for higher education in California than you will in Florida.

Mosquitoes and outdoor pests

It's no secret that mosquitoes love humidity and water, so it follows that Florida, with its higher concentration of rain, will have more of a mosquito problem than California. However, this shouldn't deter you from making a move to Florida if it's the best decision for you based on other factors.

Protecting outdoor lifestyles

Florida is a great state to move to if you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, are looking for a subtropical climate with a lower cost of living and you would like to escape the natural disasters of California.

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