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Mosquito Coils - What are they and do they work

What are Mosquito Coils?

Anyone who has dealt with a mosquito infestation has no doubt taken to Google to find a fast and effective solution. Somewhere along that long list of links to read through, you've probably stumbled upon something called mosquito coils. They sound appealing and low-maintenance, but what are they exactly and do they really work?

Mosquito coils date back to the 19th century and operate on the same basis as aromatherapy, only instead of releasing scents that are appealing and relaxing to people, they release scents that are repelling to mosquitoes. Many mosquito coils are made from materials like dried pyrethrum powder paste or citronella, which are offensive to mosquitoes when burned. So now we know what these gadgets have to do with mosquitoes, but why the coil shape? The coiling of the burner allows for the maximum surface area to release as much of the mosquito-repelling aroma as possible in as small of a space as feasible.

These gadgets are low-cost and portable, but do they work?

How do Mosquito Coils Work?

Mosquito coils will many times come with some sort of stand so that the coil itself sits suspended in the air. To use the mosquito coil, ignite the end of the outer spiral and allow it to burn. The stand will be fireproof, but you should follow commonsense safety precautions and not burn the coil where it will be left unattended. As the coil burns, it will emit a smoke that will keep mosquitoes at bay for around eight hours depending on the size of the coil and the nature of the combustible material used.

Do Mosquito Coils Work?

We'll answer that with a tentative "yes". Mosquito coils can repel mosquitoes when used appropriately, but climate and other various circumstances of the surroundings can greatly affect just how effective they are. Since coils emit smoke, they must be used outside, but that also means that winds can waft the smoke in various and shifting directions providing spotty protection at best. Another variable to consider is manufacturer standards, since different producers use different substances in varying amounts which can produce a wide range of results. 

Are Mosquito Coils Safe to Use?

Questions have been raised regarding whether or not mosquito coils are safe for your health. Studies have shown that, when used responsibly, mosquito coils should not pose a health risk. Follow the below recommendations to ensure you're using this mosquito protection method safely:

  • Don't leave a mosquito coil burning unattended
  • Only use mosquito coils in well-ventilated outdoor areas
  • Stick to coils that are manufactured by nationally-recognized brands rather than small shops that might avoid regulation
  • Look into smokeless versions of mosquito coils to avoid byproducts of combustion


While mosquito coils are simple and cost-effective and can produce mosquito protection under ideal wind conditions, they are somewhat unreliable depending on weather conditions and manufacturer standards. If you're going to use a mosquito coil, we recommend pairing it with another method of repelling mosquitos to ensure that you and your family stay well-protected.

To come up with the ideal mosquito protection solution for your back yard or commercial property, contact one of the MosquitoNix® trained and licensed professionals today.

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