How to Identify Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

How to Identify Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

April 28, 2021

black and white striped asian tiger mosquito

The Asian tiger mosquito is an invasive species that’s not native to the United States. As the name suggests, they are originally from Southeast Asia. They are believed to have first been introduced to the United States via imported tire casings, and they have spread across many states, including Hawaii, Texas, California and Florida. They’re known as aggressive biters and often bite during the daytime.

Identifying Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Asian tiger mosquitoes can be identified not only by their appearance but also by their behavior. They are called tiger mosquitoes because of their distinctive markings. They have black and silver-white striped legs with a single silver-white stripe down their backs. The mosquitoes we’re used to seeing are pale brown. 

asian tiger mosquito with red underneath

One behavior that makes these striped mosquitoes stand out is their daytime eating habit. While house mosquitoes, the ones we commonly see, wait until dusk and nighttime to feed on humans and animals, tiger mosquitoes will feed in the middle of the day. They are also more aggressive and not easy to swat away like house mosquitoes.

There is also a difference in where Asian tiger mosquitoes lay their eggs compared to house mosquitoes. House mosquitoes are likely to lay their eggs in bodies of stagnant water like those found in ponds, marshes and dishes. Tiger mosquitoes also lay their eggs in standing water, but they stick to containers like trees, old tires and plant pots. 

Asian Tiger Mosquito Habitats

These mosquitoes can live in tropical areas as well as cold and dry areas. You’ll mainly find them in southeastern states, but you can find them in other parts of the country, too. The adult tiger mosquitoes will die if it gets too cold, but their eggs can survive the winter and hatch in the warmer months. 

asian tiger mosquito breeding in bucket of water

Because tiger mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, you will often find the adult mosquitoes near where they bred. They tend not to fly more than half a mile away from where they laid their eggs. 

Dangers of Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Asian tiger mosquitoes can pose a health threat to humans and animals because they can transmit harmful diseases like West Nile, Zika and dengue fever. House mosquitoes love areas like marshes and ponds, which is why you usually find them in the more rural areas. On the other hand, tiger mosquitoes breed in containers like pant plots, birdbaths, tires and buckets. This means they thrive near humans and can easily be found in suburban areas. 

Asian Tiger Mosquito Prevention and Control

You can take the normal precautions against tiger mosquitoes such as emptying containers with stagnant water, covering skin, wearing bug repellant, using mosquito netting and lighting citronella candles. However, since it’s so easy for these mosquitoes to breed, you’ll likely need professional help if you notice a large population around your home. Due to their daytime feeding habit, tiger mosquitoes are present during the hours you spend the most time outdoors, which can make it even harder to avoid them. 

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