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February 16, 2021 3 Comments

Unlike flies, mosquitoes bother humans for one purpose only: to feast on their blood. These stealthy bugs usually bite and drink before you realize they have bitten you. You may be wondering why you always get itchy, puffy, red welts on your body while your family and friends seem oblivious to this constant annoyance. Well, the answer may be due to your blood type.

A Word From the Experts

Scientists have researched the patterns and behavior of mosquitoes since as far back as the 1970s, searching for an explanation of why mosquitoes bite some people more than others. Research studies indicate that mosquitoes have a favorite blood type that makes them prefer certain people: type O. Why do mosquitoes like type O blood? Evidence shows that type O blood proteins attract hungry mosquitoes more than the other blood serotypes.

These little bloodsuckers will also go after people with type B blood, but not as aggressively as they hunt down folks with type O. Mosquitoes' least favorite is type A blood, which means if a type A (blood) person is hanging out with type O or B friends, hungry mosquitoes may aim right for them and skip the type A people entirely.

Other Mosquito Attractors

Blood type is not the only thing that brings out mosquitoes in droves. Before you check with your doctor about your blood chemistry, you may want to consider these other mosquito magnets:

Carbon Dioxide

Mosquitoes can detect changes in carbon dioxide in the environment, the very stuff people and other animals exhale. When you are outside on a sunny day doing yard work or exercising, you may breathe out more carbon dioxide, sending an invisible signal to flying pests that the buffet is open, and it's all you can eat.


Temperature changes also let mosquitoes know that warm-blooded animals, including people, are ripe for the biting. Your body temperature alerts biting insects of your presence, and some mosquitoes are more attracted to average human temperatures than to other animals'.

Dark Colors

If you tend to dress in black and other darker colors, you may want to change your wardrobe during skeeter season. These insects find dark shades that absorb rather than reflect light another indicator of warmth that they find attractive.

Other factors that make you a delicious dinner companion for mosquitoes include alcohol use, pregnancy and even your body odor. These aspects most likely go back to body heat, carbon dioxide and certain proteins that may be found in your sweat or blood.

MosquitoNix® Mosquito Control

While people with type O blood should be more vigilant about avoiding mosquitoes, everyone can benefit from mosquito prevention. Ward off itchy bites and mosquito-borne illnesses with MosquitoNix's advanced fogging and misting systems. We employ eco-friendly, EPA-approved insecticides, granules and larvicides for effective mosquito control.

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Mosquito Bites: Blood FAQ

◾️ What blood type do mosquitoes like least? Mosquitoes' least favorite blood type is type A.

◾️ What is a mosquito's favorite blood type? Mosquitoes are most drawn to type O blood.

◾️ How do mosquitoes differentiate between blood types? Mosquitoes detect blood types through chemical signals secreted through human (and animal) skin.

◾️ Are mosquitoes attracted to a certain blood type? Absolutely. Type O, followed by type B, are their favorites.

◾️ Should everyone, regardless of blood type, avoid mosquito bites? Yes, avoid mosquito bites whenever possible. Apart from being itchy and annoying, mosquitoes can transmit dangerous diseases, including dengue fever, Zika virus, malaria and West Nile virus.

3 Responses

Chrystal Mayo
Chrystal Mayo

August 06, 2021

My husband is O- and the mosquitoes love him! I’m AB+ and I maybe get 1 bite compared to his 5-10.

Alex S
Alex S

August 06, 2021

Aileen this is response to your comment. This brand did research as well as other people it seems like the majority answer is Type O is the most targeted and A is in second instead of B stated in this article

Aileen Gardner
Aileen Gardner

March 13, 2020

I have type A- blood and mosquitos love me. My husband’s blood type is O and he isn’t bothered by them. So what’s up with that!?

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