The mosquitonix difference

Finding a solution for your mosquito and pest problems is as simple as picking up a phone or mouse (the peripheral, of course), but keep in mind, companies differ greatly in quality. During a time like this, you want a company with a reputation for going above and beyond what the average pest control operation does, and that's MosquitoNix®. We don't just simply apply chemicals. Instead, we combine education, research, science, technology and the human touch when tackling flying insects and other nuisance pests. There are several reasons to choose us for professional mosquito control.

Deep Knowledge of Pests

Mosquitoes are fascinating insects, and we make it our business to know as much about them as possible. Why? Because we respect our insect opponent and don't consider them just bugs. We conduct in-depth research on mosquito and pest behavior, in our expert insect library, which helps us to develop products and services that fit your pest elimination needs to a tee. Additionally, our technicians are trained in the art of mosquito and pest control, and they are then required to earn a license before we send them out into the field. When we give you advice, you can trust we know what we're talking about.

Cutting Edge Technology

Some companies never innovate. Thankfully we're not one of them. We are constantly studying pest control trends, and we use the latest and greatest technology for our products. We admit that the MosquitoNix team has its share of tech geeks, and that's a good thing. Our commitment to technology makes our control methods more efficient and easier to use.

Expert Analysis and Problem-solving

During your free consultation with us, one of our highly-skilled technicians comes to your home or business to discuss your pest problem. If you don't live within our service area, our experts are happy to chat by phone or email. Our experts draw on their deep well of knowledge to thoroughly analyze your infestation problems and find the right solution to make it go away. Get rid of pesky mosquitos, flies, no-see-ums and other uninvited critters using our recommended hands-on service, or our technologically-advanced portable pest control products.

On-the-Go Products

Coming up with great products for our customers to use anywhere you choose is one of our passions. MosquitoNix puts a lot of time and effort into researching botanicals, chemical reactions and disbursement methods. We then go through a trial and error period, testing ideas to come up with the best solutions on the market. This is how we developed our excellent on-the-go products that include botanical insecticide and comfortably portable dispensers. Now you can eliminate mosquitoes and other annoying pests with ease and precision at home, or while enjoying outdoor activities such as camping and hunting.

Superior Customer Service

Customer service is our number one priority, and we bend over backwards to ensure you're happy us as a company. We've been doing top-notch mosquito and pest control for a long time, and take pride in building excellent customer relationships. We're committed to protecting your family, neighbors and work colleagues from discomfort and insect-borne diseases.

A trained and licensed MosquitoNix team of experts is standing by to take your call and resolve your pest problems. Contact us today for answers and estimates.