[powr-form-builder id=7b2755f1_1499721513]MosquitoNix Customer Care:

From the customer service representatives who you'll speak with on the phone, to the professionally licensed technicians who visit your home in person, you can always expect the utmost professionalism and friendliness when interacting with a MosquitoNix team member. Here's what you can expect for a typical visit from a technician:

  • A friendly courtesy call the day before to confirm and remind you of your upcoming service appointment.
  • A structural integrity check of the system, including a full system diagnostic.
  • Solution refills for the misting system, and any minor adjustments to the system that may need to made.
  • A careful walk-through to ensure that the property looks the same as when MosquitoNix arrived.
  • A detailed work order with all services performed, including on-site quality control and follow-up.

We do our very best to always go above and beyond to leave our customers happy. By completing all these steps, we are able to perform effective service while also keeping customers in the loop about the status of their system.

MosquitoNix is always straightforward in our communications in order to make it easy to get the right service for your unique needs. Plus, our customer service team takes steps to add a personal touch to every interaction; at MosquitoNix, you're more than just a number. With a friendly tone, we're always willing to provide the information you need or help resolve an issue. Most importantly, however, we're reliable. We're always there when you need us, so you'll never be left hanging with questions or concerns.