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What time of day are mosquitos most active

This is a question that has been asked around the campfire for decades and possibly longer. Are mosquitoes more active in the early morning, the late afternoon or the early evening? When is it most safe for your family to venture outdoors?

If mosquitoes were simply a nuisance it would be one thing, but they can pose a distinct danger to the health of those whom they encounter including spreading such things as West Nile virus, yellow fever and more. It is because of this that finding out when mosquitoes are most active is a crucial element to staying protected during the summer months.

It's important to understand that while there are certain times of the day when mosquitoes are most active, that doesn't mean they don't come out at all hours of the day. You should always take additional steps to protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes, including employing the services of the MosquitoNix® team of professionals.

There are nearly 200 different species of mosquitoes, which makes answering the question of when they are most active a somewhat difficult task.

United States Mosquitoes

Considering our company is based in the United States, we'll focus our answer to this demographic region. Most species of mosquitoes in the United States have increased times of activity during the dusk hours, which means if you step outdoors during that time, you're more likely to experience a bite. Going out in wooded areas or those near wetlands or shaded places with standing water can increase your risk, as these are favorite breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Are Mosquitoes Active During the Day?

For the most part, mosquitoes are not active during peak daylight hours. The common house mosquito actually finds daylight to be deadly, as it can dangerously dehydrate them. For this reason, shaded wetlands are especially dangerous during the day as these are prime places for mosquitoes to seek out protection.

Is There a Mosquito Season?

Rather than a specific season, mosquitoes actually pay more attention to specific temperatures. This is why mosquitoes don't have a definitive few months that they are restricted to - instead, their activity is based on when temperatures thaw and then freeze again. Once the colder months come around, some breeds of mosquito die off while others hibernate. The key temperature for most mosquitoes is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Once temperatures warm past 50 degrees, mosquitoes that hibernate will start to emerge while those who ride out the winter as eggs will begin to hatch. Because almost all mosquitoes in the United States share this temperature, we experience a "boom" of mosquitoes all at once in varying regions of the country.

How to Prepare for Mosquito Season

Most people make the mistake of thinking that they don't need to do anything about mosquitoes until the "season" starts. If you wait until mosquitoes have hatched or started to emerge from hibernation, then you're already fighting a losing battle rather than solving the issue before it even becomes a problem.

To really beat the mosquitoes at their own game, you'll need to work with a trusted company such as MosquitoNix® to start your prevention plan early. This will involve MosquitoNix either setting up strategic micro nozzles around your property or scheduling fogging services. Either way, you'll be eradicating the mosquitoes from their hibernation and breeding grounds before they even get a chance to become a nuisance.

Contact your local MosquitoNix professional service team to schedule your free consultation and stop mosquitoes before they start.

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