Treating Bug Bites on Babies: All-Natural Remedies

Treating Bug Bites on Babies: All-Natural Remedies

May 30, 2023

Our sweet babies have such soft and new skin that we hate to see them with bug bites. Unfortunately, babies do sometimes get bitten when they are outdoors.

Babies have tender, delicate skin, making them just as irresistible as adults to mosquitoes and other insects. An infant's sensitive skin can also make it challenging to treat those bites. Because they are more vulnerable to chemicals in some over-the-counter medicines, babies may respond better to home remedies using natural ingredients for mosquito bite relief.

In this guide, we will help you identify bug bites and treat them with all natural bug remedies for babies.

How to Identify Bug Bites on Babies

Babies have brand new, sensitive skin. Most babies have red marks, bumps or dry skin just because they are new to the world and the different substances around them.

Unfortunately, babies can't tell us when they have a painful ant bite or itchy mosquito bite. Of course, they may fuss and cry, but it's much easier to find the problem and ease their discomfort when you know how to spot specific insect bites.

Mosquito bites, for example, are characterized by a small red bump with a puncture mark in the center. Ant bites typically leave behind a red mark that swells and fills with fluid, while fly bites are also red and tend to turn into blisters. These bites look the same on children as they do on adults, but how you treat them may be different.

Best All-Natural Bug Bite Remedies

Luckily, you have several easy ways to ease your baby's bug bite pain. In fact, you may already have some of these all-natural remedies in your medicine cabinet or kitchen pantry. Give these 10 home remedies for baby's insect bites a try:

  1. Ice is readily available and easy to hold on a bug bite to reduce pain, itching or inflammation. We recommend wrapping it in cloth to protect your baby's skin.
  2. Green or black tea contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to ease discomfort and shrink the bite. To use, store green tea bags that have already been seeped in a baggie in your fridge and apply to bite when needed.
  3. Milkcan calm inflammation and reduce redness thanks to its soothing proteins. Simply soak a cotton ball in milk and apply it to the bite.
  4. White or apple cider vinegarworks on bee stings and bug bites. The acidity can balance the skin's pH to neutralize venom. Dilute the vinegar by pouring two or three cups in baby's bath water for a comfortable soak. Follow with skin moisturizer, as vinegar can dry your infant's skin.
  5. Baking sodacan also take away the itch or sting. Dissolve a teaspoon in a cup of water and then apply to the bite area with a cotton ball or clean cloth. After a few minutes, wash away any residue.
  6. Tea tree oilis a natural antiseptic, so it can kill bacteria while easing swelling. Apply a small amount directly to the bite or dilute it with coconut oil to protect your baby's skin.
  7. Basil leavescontain the same compounds as camphor or menthol, which create a cooling effect to relieve itchiness and irritation. Crush a few basil leaves into a paste and apply it directly to the bite or add fresh basil leaves to your baby's tub for a soothing bath.
  8. Aloe veracalms sunburns and bug bites, so it comes in handy, especially in the summertime. Leave it in the fridge to cool down hot, puffy, irritating insect bites.
  9. Lemon balm is a natural antihistamine that can relieve itching and minimize swelling. Like basil, lemon balm leaves are easy to crush and apply directly to the bite.
  10. Lavender essential oil is another natural product that can kill bacteria and stop swelling. You can mix it with coconut oil to use as a natural bug repellant or spritz it on sheets to keep away skeeters during nap time or at bedtime. Just be sure to use a kid-safe oil and follow its usage guidelines.

When to Contact the Doctor

Some infants may have a stronger reaction to mosquito bites than others. If you observe your baby having problems breathing or developing a more severe rash or hives, seek medical attention immediately. Your pediatrician may also recommend topical anti-itch creams containing steroids or antihistamines, depending on how old your baby is or what the symptoms are.

Other Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe from Bug Bites

To protect your baby from getting mosquito and other bug bites, avoid going outside during dawn or dusk when mosquitoes are most active. You may also want to dress your wee one in light-colored clothing with long sleeves or pants to limit the exposed skin that entices biting insects.

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