Plants to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally

Plants to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally

May 30, 2023

For centuries, humans have tamed the natural sciences through our gardens. We grow teas, medicines and food. Flowers and plants fill our gardens and our homes, brightening or calming or healing. It will probably come as no surprise that there are also plants that will help keep mosquitos away from your outdoor areas. Many of these plants are easily grown on your property or in containers in your home.

The experts here at MosquitoNix ® recognize the power of the natural world and are here to help you supplement your mosquito control services by growing natural pest repellents at home in your garden, on your windowsill or on your patio.

Citronella Grass

A close relative to fragrant lemon grass, citronella grass is frequently used as an ingredient in natural mosquito repellants. The plant features a lovely lemon scent and is relatively easy to care for, requiring daily watering and filtered sunlight. This mosquito repellent plant is a grass that is naturally decorative and fragrant, making it a perfect container plant to have out on the patio.


This annual flower is easy to grow in planters and pots. It makes for great patio and front porch décor, beautifying the entrance of your home while also helping to keep bugs at bay. In addition to repelling mosquitos, marigolds are effective at driving away squash bugs, beetles, and whiteflies.

Marigolds also make a wonderful companion plant for vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant and squash. They are easy to grow and hardy.


Thanks to their strong aroma, mint plants make great nontoxic repellent for mosquitos, flies and ants. Along with potting and growing mint in the garden, you can use the plant as a safe, all natural indoor pest control solution by drying and crushing its leaves and scattering them around your home.

Mint is so easy to grow it can often get out of control for inexperienced gardeners. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, you may want to grow your mint in a container.


While humans love the soothing scent of lavender, insects do not. It's one of the most effective mosquito repellent plants and is even believed to negatively affect a mosquito's sense of smell. Once growing, lavender plants are quite easy to care for because they are drought resistant, making them an ideal addition for the garden.


This herb has a warm, woody scent that's highly effective at repelling mosquitoes, cabbage moths and carrot flies. In addition to being a great garden plant, rosemary thrives in containers and pots and can be used to season your cooking.


Another excellent pest fighting herb is basil, which has a pungent aroma that keeps flies and mosquitoes at bay. It can be grown in gardens or containers, alone or with flowers. As long as it's kept damp and gets plenty of sunlight, basil plants will thrive.

Basil is not only easily grown, it is a great companion plant for vegetables and herbs like tomatoes, peppers, asparagus and parsley.


Sage has been used as a natural insect repellent for years. It's especially helpful for driving away mosquitoes and flies at night. The plant can also be dried, crushed, and mixed with apple cider vinegar to make a homemade mosquito spray.

Floss Flower

An attractive annual flower, floss flower contains a natural mosquito repellant called coumarin. The flower makes a great container plant, however you should use with caution when keeping them indoors. Coumarin is toxic if ingested by pets or humans.


Allium bulbs emit a strong scent that sends mosquitoes packing. There are hundreds of species of the plant, including common kitchen ingredients such as garlic, onion, shallot, scallion, leek and chives.

Scented Geraniums

This type of flowering plant has a lemon fragrance like citronella grass. It's known for keeping away a number of pesky pests, including mosquitoes, ants, flies, fleas, and other biting insects.

Trust the experts at MosquitoNix to protect your outdoor spaces

All of these plants are powerful deterrents for pests and other insects. MosquitoNix helps you further protect your outdoor living spaces with our line of natural insect repellants. These solutions are safe, gentle and eco-friendly so you can feel confident using them around kids, pets and your guests. This mosquito control solution is a game changer in our misting systems and fogging treatments. Get a free estimate today and let us protect your outdoor lifestyle.

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