Mosquitos thrive in heavy rain - MosquitoNix Houston

Mosquitos Thriving on Heavy Houston Rain - MosquitoNix

September 28, 2018

Heavy Rain Leading to Increased Mosquito Size and Population in Houston

Everything is bigger in Texas - and recently, that has included the mosquitos as well. Heavy September rains in Houston, combined with the usual southeastern Texas heat, have led to a surge in both the number and size of mosquitos. To make matters worse, this mosquito-friendly environment is coming in the heart of what already would be mosquito season. With the weather expected to stay hot and wet for a while, the mosquito problems in Houston will likely stay as well, meaning residents will have to take extra steps to combat these insects.

Rain: Good for Mosquitos, Bad for Humans

There are a number of factors that can lead to larger mosquitos, including the species and the environment. But according to the Houston Health Department, wet areas are always a hotbed for mosquitos. Some species lay eggs where they will hatch once the water level rises from heavy rain or floods, producing large, aggressive mosquitos. The Culex genus of mosquitos, meanwhile, lays their eggs on stagnant rainwater. These species is particularly dangerous, as they are more likely to pass along West Nile virus and other diseases.

How to Protect Against Wet Weather Mosquitos

When temperatures start falling below 50 degrees, Houston mosquito populations will start falling as well. Until then, there are several ways to help prevent them from taking over your home:
  • Remove any standing water in and around your house. These spots are prime mosquito breeding grounds.
  • Close doors and windows behind you to stop them from entering.
  • Keep door and window screens in good condition.
  • Change the water in vases and plant saucers on a weekly basis.
  • Wear as much long-sleeve clothing and coverings as is bearable.
  • Use good mosquito repellent on any exposed skin.

If you have taken these steps and are still struggling with an infestation, give MosquitoNix a call. Our Houston mosquito control services include a variety of programs to protect your outdoor lifestyle, including custom misting, fogging treatments and special event spraying for parties. Your complete satisfaction is our goal!

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