WNV -West Nile Virus - Georgetown Texas

Mosquito Sample in Georgetown - WNV Found

January 22, 2018

Simply hearing the words West Nile Virus may send shiver's up your spine, especially if you're a resident of Georgetown, Texas. Recently, KXAN news reported that a sample collected from a trap located on the north side of downtown tested positive for the dreaded virus. The West Nile carrier was a Southern house mosquito, and it's not difficult to imagine this type of mosquito hovering around any downtown home or business.

Although the sample involves only one mosquito, it's an indication that other area mosquitoes may be infected, and they all pose a significant risk to residents. Spraying insecticide is a common way to control mosquito breeding, which prevents infected mosquitoes from spreading the virus to humans. In this case, the city of Georgetown had to wait until cold and windy weather conditions improved before spraying areas.

Because West Nile is a huge threat to public safety, it's always a good idea to check your property for standing water. Mosquitoes breed in small or large amounts of water, so be sure to drain stagnant water from gutters, flower pots, pet bowls and other places where water sticks around. Other simple ways to ward off mosquito bites is to use a good insect repellent and cover exposed skin by wearing pants and long-sleeve tops.

The best preventative measures are those that use innovative technology to stop mosquitoes from successfully breeding. MosquitoNix is a leader in custom state-of-the-art fogging systems and misting systems designed for homes and businesses. Our systems deliver potent eco-friendly insecticide to targeted areas, quickly eliminating mosquito breeding sites on contact. When you choose one of our ongoing treatments, you'll have around-the-clock protection from West Nile and other mosquito-borne viruses, regardless of season.

MosquitoNix offers portable solutions and fogging treatments suitable for backyard picnics, pool parties and weddings. While the appearance of West Nile in your local area is cause for alarm, you can take steps to expand protection from possible infection thanks to our dedicated and reliable mosquito control services. Learn more about West Nile Virus protection methods by contacting us today for a free informative consultation.

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