Mosquito Predators: What Eats Mosquitoes?

Mosquito Predators: What Eats Mosquitoes?

April 07, 2021

Itchy bug bites in the summer let us know mosquitoes love to prey on us, but what preys on mosquitoes? Some insects, birds and animals are well known for eating mosquitoes. While they may not be able to completely control the mosquito population around your home, they can certainly help. Keep an eye out for these mosquito predators in your yard and think about how beneficial it might be to keep some of them around. 


Insects That Eat Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can fall prey to other common insects. Two flying insects that like to snack on mosquitoes are dragonflies and damselflies. Dragonflies are also called mosquito hawks, and they love to hang out around water to find prey. Mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs and breed, which makes them easy targets. Dragonflies can fly at a higher speed than mosquitoes and catch them, and they also eat mosquitoes while they’re still in the larva stage. Damselflies look like smaller dragonflies and also enjoy eating pesky mosquitoes. 

Though they might not be your favorite insect to see around, spiders also eat mosquitoes. Unlike dragonflies and damselflies, spiders don’t actively hunt for mosquitoes, but they will eat any that become trapped in their webs. There are even some predatory mosquitoes that will eat other mosquitoes, especially during the larvae stage. 

Birds That Eat Mosquitoes

You might expect mosquitoes to be too small for birds to bother with, but a lot of birds will eat the tiny insects. Birds are known for eating mosquitoes in both the adult and larvae stages, and some birds are more likely to eat mosquitoes than others. The more common mosquito-eating birds are swallows and purple martins. Since mosquitoes require water to breed, waterfowl like geese and ducks are also big predators.

mosquito breeding in water

Animals That Eat Mosquitoes

Wondering what animals eat mosquitoes? The list includes bats, frogs, tadpoles, turtles and fish. Bats don’t eat many mosquitoes, and the risk of letting them live near your home can outweigh the benefits. Frogs, turtles and fish are great mosquito predators since they all live in or around the water. If you have a pond, fountain or other water source in your yard, consider creating a habitat for frogs or fish like mosquito fish, bluegills and goldfish. The fish can eat any larvae on the water, and the frogs can capture those adult mosquitoes sticking close by.

Mosquito Control Systems

While these insects, birds and animals can help control the mosquito population around your home, they may not be enough to keep mosquitoes at bay, especially during peak seasons. Mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases, and it’s always a good idea to take extra steps to keep your home or business mosquito-free. 

At MosquitoNix®, we offer a variety of mosquito control services to fit all your residential and commercial needs. We have custom misting systems for long-term mosquito control around your home or property, on-going fogging treatments that can be used short-term for outdoor events and all-natural green services for those looking for organic, eco-friendly options. We even have a portable mosquito control device that’s perfect for taking camping. To learn more, request a free quote today.

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