How MosquitoNix Special Events Mosquito Treatment can help you prepare for your fabulous outdoor fall activities

How MosquitoNix Special Events Mosquito Treatment can help you prepare for your fabulous outdoor fall activities

November 16, 2017

A lot of preparation goes into planning your fall season events. While you're still in the pre-planning stages, remember to include mosquito control in those plans. The last thing you want is mosquitoes buzzing around guests, causing countless distractions with their annoying biting behavior.

Why Control Planning is Necessary

Perhaps you were thinking you could handle outdoor mosquitoes with a few cans of bug spray. Sure, you may be able to ward of some mosquitoes with this tactic, but overall, this method is bound to fail because swarms seeking a blood meal can quickly overwhelm the capacity of what the average can of bug spray is capable of handling. Also, canned spray formulas may not be adequate for all species flying around your area. Ditto for citronella candles.

Professional mosquito control is the best way to ensure event attendees are adequately protected. MosquitoNix® has years of experience under our belts providing mosquito control for events of all sizes, and our three-step mosquito prevention process helps clear the way for a pest-free event so everyone can enjoy themselves.

Our Three-Step Process

Step One: Inspection

Our professional mosquito control experts go through rigorous training and receive certification before going out into the field to hunt for mosquitoes. When our technicians arrive at your property, they know what to look for and where to look. Technicians inspect every inch of the event area, spotting places where mosquitoes breed and hide. They'll also estimate how much of our fast-working chemical formulas are needed to get the job done.

Step Two: Application

A licensed and skilled mosquito control specialist is sent in armed with special mosquito fighting equipment and formulas. Following recommendations from our inspection, the specialist applies a powerful solution to surrounding bushes, foliage and trees to block mosquitoes from entering the event area.

Step Three: Eradication

Mosquitoes must be thoroughly removed from the premises, and this involves treating sources of standing water with larvicides to stop breeding in its tracks. We can also use green-friendly repellents for their natural mosquito blocking compounds.

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Our Control Techniques

MosquitoNix has developed three main control techniques for clearing properties of disease-spreading flying pests. Depending on what we find during the inspection, we may use one or more of these techniques for your event.

Fogging: This is a distribution system that offers immediate results when applied to dense vegetation on your property. A cloud of insecticide covers the vegetation, resembling wisps of fog, but this fog targets mosquitoes.

Granules: We've developed eco-friendly granules that have such a fine texture they won't be noticed by guests. These are spread around the edge of your property, creating an instant barrier that mosquitoes find unpleasant.

Larvicides: Mosquitoes breed in water, and green-friendly larvicide solutions are added to sources of standing water on your property, effectively cutting off breeding activities.

Three Step Mosquito Fogging Treatments

Preventing swarms of mosquitoes from ruining your event should be high on your to do list. Professional mosquito control works great for events of all sizes, and MosquitoNix uses a multi-step approach that keep everyone protected from miserable bites and disease infection. Our technicians are ready to help make your event a big success. Contact us right now for a free consultation or to schedule an inspection.

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