Does My Home Need Pest Control in the Winter?

Does My Home Need Pest Control in the Winter?

November 23, 2021

MosquitoNix® and Winter Pest Control for a Comfortable Home

The weather outside may be getting colder, and you might think that since you don't see insects buzzing around that your home is safe from pests in the winter. While that may be true outside, it's certainly not the case inside your home. When the temperature drops, many pests are looking for a warm space to live, just like you - and that often means they move inside your home.

Some of the biggest pest issues during the winter months include dealing with rodents and spiders, but they aren't the only nuisance you have to worry about. You might also find yourself dealing with stink bugs in winter. To keep your home comfortable for you and your family, you need to consider pest control in the winter.

Preventing Pests From Entering Your Home

The first line of defense against pests seeking shelter in your home is preventing them to being attracted to it in the first place. To discourage pests from becoming unwelcome guests in your home, follow the following tips:

  • Block all entry points into your home. Seal up holes and place insect screens on air vents. Maintain your HVAC system with regular maintenance and remove any standing water and debris from the system.
  • Remove food sources by storing food properly and at least 6 inches off the floor. Clean and sanitize food preparation areas immediately after use.
  • Remove water sources for pests by removing any containers that can collect and hold rainwater and fix any leaky pipes or faucets.
  • Properly dispose of any trash, especially any organic material that may attract pests.
  • Routinely clean homes and businesses, taking care to reach out-of-sight spots that may attract pests.

How Do Bugs Survive in the Winter?

If you find yourself wondering what happens to bugs in the winter and how they survive, they have the ability to slow down their metabolism, called "diapause," or go into hibernation. Of course, if they move into your house, they usually have everything they need to make it through the winter months, including shelter, warmth and food.

Insects that happen to be outside during the winter will look for places where they can wait out the freezing temperatures in their dormant state. These spots might include your uncleared garden vegetation or potentially in the wood pile you have stacked near your home for your fireplace.

Should any of these bugs get into your home, the warmth may bring them out of their dormant state, and they may take up residence. To ensure you aren't sharing your home with unwanted guests, it is in your best interest to contact professional pest control, like MosquitoNix®.

What to Expect from Winter Pest Control

When you call in a professional to undertake winter pest control, you can expect them to do what they can to keep rodents and insects from getting into your home. This might include doing pest control in your winter garden or spraying the outside of your home to create a barrier that insects don't want to cross.

Professionals will also look for any cracks or other entry points that rodents or insects can use to gain access to your home and seal them up. They'll also look for signs of insects that are already in the home, including the small black bugs that come out of your drains, and they'll also check to see if you have stink bugs in the house in the winter.

Should any signs of these pests be found, a plan will be put together to help you get rid of these nuisances. Your home should be comfortable and inviting in the winter - for you and your family, not unwanted pests.

Do You Need Pest Control in Winter?

Most people think that they are free and clear from pests during the winter because the weather is so cold, but it's simply not true. You may not have to worry about being bombarded by flying insects and other creepy crawlies while you're outside, but many of these critters will move into your home.

Taking care of them as soon as possible is in your best interest. At MosquitoNix®, we have the skills and expertise to help you get rid of pests you don't want to share your home with all winter long. Give us a call today!

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