Bug-Proofing Your Apartment

Bug-Proofing Your Apartment

October 09, 2023

Unfortunately, apartment buildings can be hotbeds for insect infestation. This is because any time there's a large number of people in one place, there's lots of food, water and trash to attract bugs (especially when the people themselves are the food, as in the case of parasitic insects).

The insects most commonly found in apartments include bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and mosquitoes. Different strategies for bug-proofing your apartment are best for keeping out different types of bugs; what works best for avoiding bed bugs won't necessarily work as well for keeping mosquitoes away, and vice versa. However, there are some tried-and-try ways to help prevent insect infestations in your apartment that can keep away a wide variety of pests. Keep reading for our favorite tips for preventing bug infestations in your apartment. We like them because they're simple and easy to do, but they can make a big difference when done consistently.

Six Ways to Bug-Proof Your Apartment

1. Dispose of trash the right way.

Put your trash and recyclables in covered receptacles and empty them regularly. Rinse out recyclables when appropriate, especially food or beverage containers. Clean the trash receptacles themselves regularly as well.

2. Keep clutter to a minimum.

We all have lots of belongings, many of which we need in daily life and use regularly. However, do your best to avoid having piles of objects around, especially if they remain unmoved for long periods of time. Bugs love to have places to hide, so you want to give them as few opportunities as possible to camp out in your home.

3. Maintain crumb-free surfaces.

Even the neatest apartments can harbor small, hard-to-see crumbs that can attract ants, roaches and more. Thoroughly sweep and/or vacuum floors regularly, especially in the kitchen, and wipe down counters and dining tables. You also don't want to allow crumbs and food scraps to sit in your sink, so wash your dishes ASAP.

4. Clean pet spaces.

Bugs aren't just attracted to people food - they are often eager to dine on bits of pet food as well. When you're sweeping your floors, do an extra-good job in areas where your pets eat, and don't leave food and water dishes unattended and uncovered for long periods of time. Wash your pet's dishes regularly too.

5. Avoid standing water.

Speaking of water dishes, many insects - especially mosquitoes - are attracted to any body of stagnant water, big or small. That's why you want to not only refresh your pet's water regularly, but also clean water spills promptly, keep rain from pooling on your balcony, etc.

6. Take care while doing your laundry.

Many apartment buildings have designated laundry rooms where bed bugs and insects can jump from one person's laundry to another. You can help avoid bed bugs by drying your items on high heat, which can kill them, and immediately transfer them into a clean plastic bag. If you notice any leaks or standing water in the room, let your landlord or apartment manager know.

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