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Blind Mosquitoes are Swarming!

Aquatic Midges are mosquito-like insects in the family Chironomidae. Informally named "Blind Mosquitoes" "Lake Flies" or "nonbiting  midges". 

Aquatic Midges do not bite, suck blood or carry diseases. They survive in certain eutrophic waters, meaning the water is rich in phosphates, nitrates, and other organic nutrients. They are the most common & abundant organisms found in natural or man-made water systems.

The adult midge or blind mosquito is the cause of many nuisances & economic issues.

The midges that cause the most difficulty or problems in Florida are the Goeldichironomus holoprasinus, Chironomus decorus, Glyptotendipes and Chironomus crassicaudatus. 

When large numbers of Aquatic Midges are present serious damage can occur to stucco, paint, outer wall surfaces, automobiles & so much more!

These midges tend to emerge in large quantities during the months of April & November & are very difficult to control without help. 

Individuals can help control adult midges with on-going fogging treatments or permanent systems that admit a light mist.

MosquitoNix, custom misting systems & on-going fogging treatments not only kill mosquitoes, ticks & flies it is also known to control flying Aquatic Midges or Blind Mosquitoes. 


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