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Are Mosquitos Attracted to black

One of the top tips you'll see for deterring mosquitos is to wear light-colored clothing. But does that really work to keep these pesky flying insects at bay? Check out this quick Q&A to get the answers to those questions that you've always wondered about when it comes to deterring mosquitos.

Q: Are mosquitos attracted to black?

A: Yes - though the full answer is a little more complicated. Mosquitos are attracted to black, but it goes beyond that to include any dark or bright colors. Since black is typically the darkest color you can wear, it certainly means that you may attract more of these flying insects when wearing it. However, dark or bright colors in other tones can also bring more mosquitos your way.

Q: Why are mosquitos attracted to dark and bright clothes?

A: When mosquitos are searching for a host to feed off of, they are typically able to spot bright, dark and black clothing more easily when compared to light-colored clothing.

Q: Do light-colored clothes repel mosquitos?

A: No, wearing light-colored clothing won't actually cause mosquitos to stay away. You can certainly still get mosquito bites while wearing something that's white or light in color. The purpose of wearing light-colored clothing is that it may be harder for the mosquitos to find you; these colors don't actually deter mosquitos from biting.

Q: What can I do to avoid being bitten by mosquitos?

A: Wearing long-sleeved, light-colored clothing is a start, but it's just one of many ways to reduce your risk of attracting mosquitos. You can use fans to try to blow mosquitos away since they aren't strong fliers. Sweat and body heat can attract mosquitos as well, so you may want to take cool showers more frequently.

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