Aerial Mosquito Spraying in Texas

Aerial Mosquito Spraying in Texas

October 19, 2017

Hurricane Harvey roared through Texas slamming residents with high wind speeds up to 130 miles per hour, dumping buckets of rain, which caused massive flooding. Texans who survived these fierce storm conditions in homes and shelters now face the threat of thousands of breeding mosquitoes. Aerial spraying of post-flood areas is taking place as a means of battling the spread of flying insects looking for blood, and the potential spread of diseases such as Zika.

As flood waters recede, communities are left with countless mosquito hot spots filled with standing water. Standing water is an ideal setting for Texas mosquitoes, and thousands of mosquito eggs and larvae are in various stages of development. Unfortunately for residents, new swarms of adult mosquitoes are already on the hunt for fresh blood. Texans are spending lots of time outdoors cleaning up debris, or working on much-needed repairs, making them easy targets for biting mosquitoes. Indoors isn't much better, as the number of mosquitoes are reaching epic proportions.

State and federal health officials are sending airplanes armed with two tablespoons per acre of insecticide, according to The Washington Times. This amount of insecticide is considered safe to spray around humans and animals, but residents are warned to stay inside their homes during aerial sprayings as a safety precaution. Aerial mosquito spraying is usually more effective during nighttime hours because that's when mosquitoes are most active.

Authorities are encouraging residents living in hurricane ravaged areas to remove any standing water on their properties. This is also great advice for everyone living outside of areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. At the first sign of mosquitoes, you should take steps to get rid of all sources of standing water. You can also take charge of eliminating mosquitoes from your yard by using spray mist systems like those offered by MosquitoNix®. Contact our friendly technicians for help in solving your own pesky mosquito problems.

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