Why Choose MosquitoNix On The Go?

A Different Mosquito Killer

OTG does more to help fight mosquitoes by spraying when mosquitoes are most active, at Dusk & Dawn. And the best part? It sprays automatically.

Also, unlike a mosquito repellent - MosquitoNix On The Go kills mosquitoes so they don't come back. You don't have to deal with open flames, propane tanks, candles, nets, zappers, attractants or mosquito body sprays.

Pyrethrin Botanical Insecticide 

A powerful botanical insecticide called Pyrethrin is the "juice" for the MosquitoNix On The Go. It's been used for many years to kill mosquitoes but never in such an innovative way. Each Contact Insecticide Aerosol contains enough for 66 sprays ... That's a lot of dead mosquitos! 

Portable and Affordable Mosquito Killer

The flexibility of the MosquitoNix On The Go Automatic Dispenser truly sets it apart. Because it's light-weight and battery-powered, it's portable for campsites, job locations, vacations and many others! And since it's so much more affordable than larger mosquito misting systems and attractants, it's a match for any budget.