Synthetic vs. Botanical Pest Control

Ever since the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, people have been going green. From recycling our plastics to reducing our carbon footprints, we've all been more and more conscious of how our actions affect the natural world around us.

Scientists and chemists have been right there with us along the way, constantly working to develop ever better ways of solving problems for people without destroying the environment in the process. In fact, many of their discoveries and breakthroughs have moved us closer to a cleaner world by harnessing the chemical powers of nature, rather than trying to replicate nature with potentially harmful synthetic products.

The professionals at MosquitoNix are just as committed to our planet as you are. But we are also committed to helping you enjoy your residential or commercial landscape without being overwhelmed by flying insects.  

Going green and loving our planet does not mean you have to be powerless against mosquitos and other pests. Read on to learn more about the chemistry behind pest control, the science-based approach MosquitoNix employs for pest prevention and how you can go green and still enjoy your outdoor space.

From Poison to Plants

For decades, agricultural and residential pesticides contained a group of highly toxic substances called organophosphates. Originally formulated as a nerve gas for use in chemical warfare, organophosphates made the Environmental Protection Agency's most wanted list in the mid-1990s when laws governing their use were reformed after scientists discovered the substances were poisoning children.

In response to these findings, pesticide companies turned to more natural components - specifically botanicals. One group of botanicals in particular, pyrethrins, proved to be highly effective at combatting flying pests, like mosquitos, ticks and wasps.

Pyrethrins vs. Pyrethroids

Pyrethrins are derived from the chrysanthemum flower, and have been used to control household pests since the 17th century. They dissipate quickly in sunlight, which means they leave little to no residue on plants or other surfaces. Their low-residual quality also means they are less likely to cause problems for animals, humans or the environment.

Pyrethroids are a synthetic, laboratory-made version of pyrethrins. They are chemically structured to mimic many properties of pyrethrins, but with the added ability to remain stable longer in sunlight, which many companies find gives them a longer effectiveness rate in controlling pests.

Though the official word from the EPA is that both pyrethrins and pyrethroids "do not pose risk concerns for children or adults," pesticides like pyrethrins and pyrethroids are only one piece of the puzzle that makes up a pest management system. 

Science-Based Approach to Prevention

The highly trained professionals at MosquitoNix take a holistic approach to reclaiming your property, so you can enjoy your space without being overwhelmed by flying insects - but also without destroying the natural beauty around you.

When our team first visits your property, they assess everything that contributes to making mosquitos and other pets feel welcome, including standing water in bird feeders, pet bowls or natural reservoirs, exposed garbage containers and regional and local weather conditions, like high humidity or heavy rain. For example, despite a rare cold snap in early winter, Texas has been pounded by high rainfall this spring, and scientists say that could mean more pesky bugs this summer. They'll also assess your goals for regaining access to your natural space, like hosting outdoor events, letting kids or pets run free and cultivating a tranquil escape from the world.

Our professionals are also experts on mosquito behaviors, so they know how, when and where to position our specialized equipment so it will be most effective at controlling your pest problems. For example, flying pests tend to be the most active at dawn and dusk, so our MosquitoNix® Misting system is generally programmed to deliver 20- to 45-second intervals of product just before dawn and just after sunset.

Our professionals also understand the physics behind air currents, drift and droplet size, which makes them experts at the precise placement necessary for the nozzle dispensers in the MosquitoNix system. Placement of the nozzles is extremely important because the misting product will be at the mercy of any current in the air. You don't want the pest control product you paid for drifting off and allowing mosquitos to remain in your space. Our nozzles are designed to prevent drift by suspending the product in the air then letting it drop. All this attention to research and detail means our system employs maximum efficiency to get you bug-free results.

All-Natural Solution

Of course, for the ultimate environmentally friendly solution to your pest problem, we offer MosquitoNix Green®. This system is free of all pyrethrins and pyrethroids, employing an all-natural and eco-friendly blend of essential oils like peppermint and clove, so you can feel good about pest control that is gentle, safe and effective around your pets, children, farm animals, food service business or entertainment facility.