South Carolina Mosquito Control

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South Carolina Locations: 

From the rolling hills of the upstate to the sandy beaches of the coast, South Carolina has an influx of people moving or visiting. Unfortunately, mosquitoes and other flying pests also want to call The Palmetto State home. Before they introduce themselves to your family, contact one of the MosquitoNix® locations near you. Our friendly pest control experts know how to eliminate mosquitoes, no-see-ums, palmetto bugs and more from your home or residential property, giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Free Yourself From Unwanted Pests
Along South Carolina's coast are island resorts and marshy estuaries that serve as nurseries for aquatic life. These humid areas are prime mosquito breeding grounds, and people and pets are the unsuspecting unlimited food source. Break that cycle with customer mosquito control solutions from MosquitoNix, including our ongoing fogging treatments, misting systems and portable mosquito defense units to take on fishing or camping trips. We even have all-natural green services that offer a non-toxic alternative to rid your property of gnats, mosquitoes, fleas and other pesky insects.

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If mosquitoes and other flying insects ruin your time outdoors, don't despair! Contact our Charleston or Hilton Head Island office, or text "CARE" to (855) 808-2847 for a free estimate for a custom pest solution. See the difference superior pest control service can make in your quality of life.